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Xpress Review – The Best Place For Finding The Casual Sex Partner?

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Xpress ReviewNot sure whether you want a long relationship or a casual fling? If you have just come out of a relationship or you are too busy building a career, a casual hookup might be the key for you. But what if you find the perfect match and you decide you want more? All in all, while mostly designed for casual hookups, Xpress is open to everything that might come out of two people meeting over an online dating website. Is it worth your time and money? Only one way to find out. Move on through this Xpress review to find out more about it.

Registration and Profile

Signing up with Xpress is fairly simple and does not require any experience at all. You can do it straight from the homepage. It only takes a few minutes. You will have to verify your email address though. Upload a few pictures – you can also add videos if you feel like. Then, you will have to go through a questionnaire – quite explicit. You will be asked about your sex history, favorite positions and so on.

Expect to see lots of nudity, especially in videos. In fact, you can choose whether you are an escort or not. From this point of view, Xpress looks like a dating website for casual sex only, yet there are people looking for more than that too.

Interface and Search Function

The interface is intuitive and straightforward. If you have used social networks before, you will be familiar with the concept – it is pretty much identical. You can find people in your area, see updates, add profiles to your favorites, send and receive messages and so on.


Start a Free Trial

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The search function is surprisingly good for a dating website. No Xpress review will ever blame its functionality – you can search by a series of different criteria. You can also find a detailed matching service. Basically, the website does all the work for you. However, make sure you complete every line of your profile for even more accuracy.

Users and User Interaction

According to Xpress, there are over 58 million users registered on the website – from all over the world. No matter where you are from or where you travel to, chances are you will find somewhere around you for a casual fling.

The user interface is flawless and brings in plenty of options. Apart from direct messaging, you can also join chat rooms when you are bored and talk about anything, not to mention discussion boards and forums – a proper social network where you can get laid.

Believe it or not, Xpress comes with a full 100 day get laid guarantee.

Security and Safety

Unlike other dating websites, the Xpress management takes security and safety quite seriously. For example, you will be asked whether you want to receive special offers by email – you can also unsubscribe later. Your credit or debit card information after payment will not be stored. Also, all the communication with other members goes beyond your own personal email – everything is hosted on the Xpress internal service.

If you do not want to spend your money on escorts, you can filter them off your search results – a piece of cake.

Packages and Trials

The bad news is Xpress does not offer a free trial. In other words, you cannot try the dating website without registering. You cannot see profiles, not to mention sending messages or watching videos. However, you can register for free. You can search and see results, but this is pretty much it. The good news is that you can subscribe once you realize there are plenty of choices in your area.

There are three different subscription choices – one, three and six months. Obviously, the six month package is the most cost efficient one and can bring discounts of 58%.

Extras and Hidden Features

There are no fancy bells and whistles to make your experience better over Xpress. There are also no hidden fees or anything alike. Do go through all the terms and conditions though. However, unlike other so called dating websites, Xpress will not sign you up to a series of expensive adult websites without telling you upfront (just by mentioning it somewhere under terms and conditions). From this point of view, you pay what you agree on.

Who Xpress Is for…

Xpress is recommended to both men and women. Pretty much everyone experiences the need of casual sex with no implications – just pure lust and pleasure. Once it is done, each partner goes their own way. The portal is suitable to those who do not want a relationship, regardless of the reason. It is also a good website for those who look for independent escorts.

Regardless of the age, Xpress can actually stand by its guarantee to get you laid within 100 days – usually much, much faster.

What I Like about Xpress

The social network style interface is a plus. It gives you more than just a search function and thumbnails. You also have forums and chat rooms. The search function is quite comprehensive too. Plus, if you are up for casual sex, you will love the amounts of nudity around there.

Other than that, packages are crystal clear and you will not be automatically registered with other adult websites that will charge your card overnight. It is safe, secure, easy to use and likely to get you laid in no time.

What I Don’t Like about Xpress

Just like most other dating websites out there, Xpress also mentions using automated communications and online emissary services. In other words, some profiles are fake and there to encourage interaction with others. You can easily spot them right away – no supermodel from the middle of nowhere will be in your city for a week to have sex with you.


  • Simple interface
  • Good search function
  • Feels like a social network
  • 100 day get laid guarantee
  • Safe and secure


  • Fake profiles here and there
  • Free account is extremely limited

In conclusion, every Xpress review will mention pretty much the same things. There are plenty of good things about Xpress, as well as a few minuses that can be easily overlooked.


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