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What Men Secretly Want Review

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Be Irresistible ReviewJames Bauer, a relationship expert was selling men’s products and was successfully running his company when a close friend of his came to take advice on her heart breaking relationship. And since he really understood men, he gave her some advice on a number of changes that she could make. This incident made him decide to explore ways to help women sort out their own personal lives. He then decided to write his thoughts so that he could be able to assist other women. The result is What Men Secretly Want, a book that is like a bible for women who would like to have a healthy relationship.

What Men Secretly Want details

In What Men Secretly Want book people will find comprehensive guide for women from real couples; it is derived from them; plus actual situations, packed into a 31 page e-book in PDF form that actually comes with an MP3 audio file for your pleasure A bonus audio is also included, which answers questions concerning common situations you find with men. The What Men Secretly Want book attempts to provide insights into the mind and the behavior of the male species. Dating and relationships are an issue that the book tackles, which comes in handy if a woman would like to attract a man and keep him as well.

Features of the book

What Men Secretly Want features advice being given to women, one of which is that men want to be given respect. This means that the man should be seen as the leader in the relationship whose position cannot be questioned. Men also love to flirt with the women who are in their lives. This is what is able to spice up a relationship. Desire is another thing that men want. A man would like to be seen as desirable and sexy by their women. Connection is another thing that people should not overlook at all. Connect with your man and share secrets with him.


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Humor is another feature of What Men Secretly Want book. A man loves it when you laugh at his jokes. This makes a man happy knowing that he can also make you laugh and be happy. Humorous people also tend to be intelligent and a man’s ego is boosted if he thinks that you find him intelligent and funny. A man would like to be fashionable. This means that you should provide your man with fashion advice. A well dressed man is a confident man and he is also happy that you care about how he looks. You should also take care of your wardrobe. There is nothing a man loves more than being seen with a beautiful and sexy woman.

Being feminine is recommended if you want to make your man happy. A man is attracted to a feminine woman. A woman is therefore advised to wear feminine clothes and carry herself like a lady. There are some mannerisms that are feminine and so you should avoid appearing brash and unladylike if you want to please your man. A strong woman is also attractive to the man in your life. A man does not want a doormat for a partner.

A man also wants a woman who is independent as opposed to one who has no mind of her own. Personal time is something that men hold dear. If you would like to have a healthy relationship with a man, give him his space. This means that you should not be clingy but allow your man some time alone where he can do manly things such as watching a game of football or hang out with his peers. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, meaning that you should spend some time apart so that your relationship can grow.

Sex makes the world go round and if your sex life is healthy, there is nothing better than that. Men tend to have a higher sex drive compared to women. However, this should not be a reason to deny your man sex because there are many things that you can do in order to boost your sex drive. There are some foods that are known to boost the sex drive. Exercising is also recommended. Being spontaneous is another thing that a man loves. Avoid being monotonous and try new things in order to spice up your relationships. For instance, you could go to a different restaurant or surprise your man with an out of town trip.


The advantage of What Men Secretly Want guide is that it is an e-book that is available for download. This means that you can get instant access to the book rather than waiting for it to be shipped. The book is available for only $47, which is a small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness. The book is available for a 60 day trial and if you are not satisfied, your money will be returned. This 31 page book can be read within no time and you can embark on a wonderful new chapter in your life within no time.


Perhaps one disadvantage of What Men Secretly Want guide is that some people are skeptical about the advice that is provided by the author. Some people would rather rely on their own experience or intuition instead of depending on someone else to tell them how to handle their relationships. On top of that, there are many scams on the internet and this makes people hesitant to try many things. We also have disgruntled people who may have bought the book but did not find success in their personal lives. These people may discourage other people from trying out the book.


The bottom line is that if you would like your relationship to go to the next level, What Men Secretly Want is a book that is highly recommended. You should not buy into the idea that men are immature creatures or that all men are dogs. There are good men out there and all it takes is some bit of common sense in order to get your man to make a commitment. The good thing is that there is no rocket science involved and any woman can get the man of her dreams.


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