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TruthFinder Review – The Leading Background Checking Service Reviewed!

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TruthFinder ReviewIf you want to run a background check on a potential new partner or for some other reason, there are lots of online services available. It is important that you get the best, most accurate information so you can make the right decision on who to choose.

What is TruthFinder?

TruthFinder offers background check services as a monthly subscription. It will allow you to get the information you need on virtually anyone. This service utilizes an extensive database to get accurate details for each background check.

This company is based in San Diego, California, and it has been around since 2015. While this business is fairly new, it does have quite a lot to offer for the average person. Some of the information you can get on people through this service include educational background, occupation, criminal records, previous addresses, full name, relatives and business associates.

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It has a specialized search algorithm that is designed for deep background searches to get the most amount of accurate information on people. It will even look on the dark web, which is a part of the internet that most other services don’t include. The level of detail in the reports that this service generates for its customers is nothing short of incredibly impressive.


There are a number of different reports available with TruthFinder, including background search, people search, criminal records, social network search, and reverse phone lookup. These reports should provide you with any information you might need on a person.

There are also premium reports, which do cost extra. These reports include arrest records, sex offender data, civil and criminal judgments, bankruptcies, traffic violations, and tax liens. The information is very thorough and detailed.

You will have numerous directories that you can look through to get the information you require. These directories are quite expansive and can be sorted by area code or phone number to narrow down the results.

Benefits of Using TruthFinder

You will quickly discover that there are many benefits to using the TruthFinder background check service, including:

  • Easy applicant vetting: If you are looking at prospective new hires for your business, TruthFinder can help you determine how reliable and trustworthy each applicant is. The last thing you want to do is to hire anyone before getting detailed information on them.
  • Accurate information: You can trust that the information you get from this service is always accurate and up to date. The database that this website uses is extremely reliable.
  • Quick and easy: The whole process for using this service is very quick and simple without any unnecessary steps or hassle involved. You can get the information you need on anyone within a matter of minutes.
  • Mobile app: This background service has a mobile app that you can use to get background checks on people even when you are away from your computer. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Deep search: You can get more information on the average person from this service than most others. It automatically performs a deep search to collect all available details on the subject.


One of the few disadvantages of using TruthFinder is that you can only use the service if you purchase a subscription. The search process can also be a bit slow, as it has a lot of information to collect.

Customer Reviews

The majority of customer reviews for TruthFinder are overwhelmingly positive. There aren’t many people who have anything bad to say about this service. One of the most common comments that people make about it is how in-depth the information is. A lot of people can’t even believe how the level of detail with the information they get on each search.

This service’s simple interface is also commonly praised in online reviews. This is definitely one of the best background check websites in terms of the sheer number of positive comments. These reviews indicate that TruthFinder is not only a legitimate service but very useful as well.

Who Should Use TruthFinder?

Anyone who wants to learn more about a certain person’s background should think about utilizing TruthFinder. It is particularly beneficial for employers who need to run background checks on applicants on a regular basis. Those who want to learn more about someone they are dating can also get a lot from this website. Even personal investigators have been known to use it in their professional practices. If you want to get as much information as possible on a person, this website has a lot to offer.


There are numerous subscription options available, and each of them comes at a different price. It is important for you to review these options before deciding which one is the best option to match your needs.

  • 1 month membership: A one month membership with this website costs around $28. This means that you will spend less a dollar on every report if you get one each day for a month.
  • 3 month membership: The three-month membership option costs $25 per month, which isn’t a bad deal when you consider everything you get.
  • Phone number lookup plan: There is also a phone number lookup plan, which allows you to get an unlimited number of phone reports for just $2.

You can purchase any of these subscription plans from the official website. Only Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted. You also have the option of making payment with PayPal.

Final Thoughts

Overall, TruthFinder is one of the best background check websites in existence on the internet right now. There are lots of these services that you can take advantage of, but not many of them can compare to this one. It gives you comprehensive reports without any hassle. While the mandatory subscription policy is a bit annoying, it is a good thing for those who run background checks a lot. Employers will definitely want to consider utilizing this service because of all the benefits it offers.


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