When it comes to erotic games, everyone knows the industry leaders. But this is often a problem, as many underdogs go unnoticed, yet they are often better than top games whether it comes to the graphics, game play or storyline. Here are some of the little known erotic sex games for adults and what makes them worth a shot.

1. Sex Emulator (Visit Website)

Sex EmulatorSex Emulator offers you the opportunity to have limitless naughty fun with your ideal sex partner. You can create a woman with all of your favorite physical features in a matter of minutes. This site offers thousands of hardcore videos/clips for you to enjoy as well. This site has a nice clean design and everything is very simple.

You have the option to make your ideal sex partner do just about anything you want. This simulator even allows you to engage in kinky BDSM. You just give your virtual girlfriend commands and she performs them right on the screen for you to enjoy.


  • There are a variety of things that you can have your fantasy girl do
  • You will be able to get free DVDs and access hot porn videos via the website
  • The 3D porn games are a lot of fun and highly interactive.
  • It really allows you to use your imagination.

2. NarcosXXX (Visit Website)

NarcosXXX GameNarcosXXX is quite popular, but not popular enough. It is common among those who love the drug of lords, but not so common among adult gamers. The game is basically a shooter filled with lots of sex. What you have to do is kill your enemies one by one by tossing grenades at them, save hot girls and bang them like there is no tomorrow simple as that.

There are multiple levels out there and the game can be played over more devices computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The best part is you can even control the sex moves choose how fast you go, put it in or out, decide when to come and so on. Furthermore, your subscription will give you access to plenty of other adult material.


  • Has some action other than sex
  • Playable on more devices
  • Good 3D realistic graphics
  • Easy to?setup


  • Shooting part feels quite easy

3. Nutaku (Visit Website)

Nutaku reviewNutaku gives you the perfect place to go for hot hentai. It offers a variety of sexy adult games that will fulfill all of your deepest fantasies. You will have 25 different online browser games you can play. There are role playing games, strategy games, clicker games, adventure games, and many others to choose from.

One of the great things about this site is that it is so easy to navigate. You will be presented with all of the different categories and game titles this site has to offer. It will help you to make your ultimate fantasies come alive on your monitor.

  • Lots of free hentai games to choose from
  • A variety of categories that range from fantasy to horror
  • The games this site offers do not require high end hardware
  • Reasonably priced premium memberships


  • There are a number of games that you cannot access without a premium membership

4. Sex Gangsters (Visit Website)

Sex Gangsters GamesMafia, porn and a good experience Sex Gangsters sounds too good to be true. The storyline is quite simple to follow ? no need to have gaming experience. It might seem a bit overwhelming when you load the game up though, as there are plenty of things to do. However, you will get used to it within the first half an hour.

Simply put, your goal is to build your rank up. You have to do anything it takes to make money and that includes banging hot girls. You have to chase them in different parts of the world and conquer them with your manhood.


  • Interesting stories
  • Easy to follow
  • Good graphics
  • Easy to play


  • Feels clunky at first

5. Angry Bangers (Visit Website)

Angry bangersIf you want to play a mobile game that allows you to kill rival gang members, have sex with prostitutes, and accomplish missions to get new, deadly weapons, then you need to play Angry Bangers. Do not play this game in church!


  • This game is extremely violent and extremely sexual, which makes it more fun!
  • There’s a lot of different ways to customize your character.
  • On Android, it has a very high rating and many people enjoy it. Its rating is 4.8 out of 5
  • There are many promotions on Facebook that you can use to get free items in the game.
  • It is one of the best erotic strategy games in the gaming section of the Android store.


  • For an RPG game, there’s not a lot of information about how to strategize and accomplish missions online
  • The game sometimes forces you to go into the in-game store.

6. Bangerlands 3 (Visit Website)

BangerlandsThis summer, don’t go out and go on dates to meet women. Instead, Play Banger Lands 3! This game is much like Borderlands 3, but you can have sex with a bunch of women in it. For a parody game, it is very well made and is able to provide a multitude of different missions, goals, objectives, and side quests, so you never are bored.


  • All the women in the game that you can have sex with are very hot.
  • You can create a female human half catgirls.
  • For a low-budget game, the gameplay and the animation are very well done and go great with the theme of the game.
  • This game is 100% free to play if you don’t mind the ads.
  • You can customize your character and all the characters that you create.


  • This game takes a very long time to load, so you might want to start it up while you’re doing other things.
  • This game has abs so you might be pulled out of the immersion of the game.
7. Apexxx Legends (Visit Website)

Apexxx LegendsForget about other adult games where there’s nothing to do but find someone to have sex with. Now you can play a battle royale game with customizable characters, outfits, and sexual encounters! Every time you load a game, it will be a brand-new experience!


  • The animation is very good and very similar to the real Apex Legends.
  • Despite the game being known for rough sex, many players report fellow players being very nice.
  • Sexual animations are good and don’t look corny at all.
  • The gameplay mechanics play like a real game so you can battle each other out before you guys get down.
  • You can make friends and create teams together, just like a real shooter game.


  • If you want to have sex with other players, you must reach VIP status.
  • This game is free, but you will have to watch ads which can get very annoying.
8. Chathouse3D (Visit Website)

Chathouse 3D GameChathouse 3D is the ultimate game in terms of sexual interaction. Basically, you have to create a sexy representation of you plenty of small details to customize. Once you are done, go in and start exploring. It is some sort of free moving game where you meet and interact with others like you. How cool is that? The best part is that once you decide you want some action, you start hitting on someone and you two get along. This can only lead to one thing hardcore sex in any possible position.

Chathouse 3D is widely appreciated for the good graphics, but also for the interaction.


  • Lots of interaction
  • Good graphics
  • Free movement
  • Deep character customization


  • No actual missions or game play
9. Fucknite (Visit Website)

FuckniteAn obvious parody of the mega-popular game Fortnite, this game allows you to have sex with both NPCs and real players. You can battle people and then have sex with them in the battle. If you want to have sex with real players, though, you must earn VIP status. Despite being a parody game, it has received hundreds of amazing readings, and this game does live up to the standard of Fortnite.


  • The graphics are look amazing, and there are dozens of different characters to play with.
  • There are still many Fortnite elements available, like playing against other players and creating teams.
  • You and other players can participate in dozens of sexual encounters.
  • It still plays like a first-person shooter game.
  • You can still dress your character up and dozens of different outfits.


  • Animations are sometimes off-center and don’t look realistic.
  • It takes quite a while to reach VIP status.
10. Red Bed Seduction (Not recommended!)

Red Bed SeductionBased on the more popular Red Dead Redemption, Red Bed Seduction aims to take things a bit further by spicing the action up with loads of sex. It may not be the most popular game in the world, but this is because it comes in a group of more games, so you will get it in a package along with other bonuses and extras.

Sign up within a few minutes and enjoy a decent storyline and good graphics. The 3D rendered models look like real people and that is a plus. The game play? Not the best in the world, especially as all your options tend to lead to the same final result.


  • Outstanding 3D rendered graphics
  • Decent storyline
  • Hands free option
  • More scenarios


  • Not much freedom over your choices

Bottom line, the general idea is fairly simple¬† even a little known erotic game could be a hit. Be it a marketing issue or the developer’s lack of popularity, there are quite a few reasons wherefore great games fail to make it big.?


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