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Tom Candow’s Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

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Penis Enlargement Remedy Review Women claim size does matter when they do not want to disappoint their partner​​s. The same goes for men with small penises. The truth is a larger penis will always help in bed. Sure, you can work wonders with an average one as well based on your experience, but a larger one will add to multiple aspects related to your sex life. First, you can satisfy your partner much easier. Second, a larger penis adds to your self confidence, which will naturally translate into a better performance in bed. While there are multiple programs to claim on such results, this Penis Enlargement Remedy review will introduce you to one of the best rated ones.

What Is Penis Enlargement Remedy?

Written by Tom Candow, Penis Enlargement Remedy comes from a reputable sex educator, consultant and researcher known for his professional work. Penis Enlargement Remedy is not a supplement or a medication, but an actual guide based on years of research and proven techniques.

It is delivered as a PDF ebook, so it can be ordered and delivered instantly – no waiting times or shipping expenses. All the methods described in it are natural and actually based on science. There are no sophisticated guides and ideas, but simplistic explanations that make sense.


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What to Know Before Using It?

Before committing to Penis Enlargement Remedy, there are a few general considerations to keep in mind. Coming from the author, they aim to make your life easier and prevent a series of disappointments out of despair.

Penis Enlargement Supplements

Highly contraindicated! No medication was ever proven to increase penis size according to Tom Candow. The ones with chemicals among their ingredients are even more dangerous.

Crazy Penis Exercises

Not only do you risk injuring your penis and damaging tissue, but you will also fail in the long run. Giving your penis exercises is less likely to work because it is not a muscle.


Sure, genetics might have a small role, but the overall environment is what makes the difference in penis size.

Random Penis Enlargement Products

None of them is clinically proven. They all promise you the world, but in the end, they usually end up taking your hard earned money only.

The Secret

Molecular enlargement seems to be the scientific approach to increase penis size, rather than products, exercises, supplements and medications.

The Main Concept in Penis Enlargement Remedy

Penis Enlargement Remedy revolves around one concept – cellular growth. This is what the book is about. Long story short, you will need a few supplements, some natural exercises and a healthy diet – easier said than done.

There are no innovative concepts, technologies or secrets – it is all pure science. Workouts affect your entire body and boost the production of human growth hormone, as well as the blood circulation. Penis exercises are not meant to increase the size of your penis, but to improve the blood circulation in the area. As for supplements, they are natural, legal and easy to find in commerce – their main role is to supply your body with nutrients that you cannot get in the right quantities from your diet.

How Does It Work?

Penis Enlargement Remedy is based on three major principles.

Stem Cell

Penis Enlargement Remedy brings in a specific plan that will increase the amount of stem cells into the penis. The author also recommends a supplement. For those who are not aware of it, stem cell growth is the only scientific technique to increase penis size. Stem cells are natural in the body, yet it is up to you to transfer them to the penis based on this guide.

Proper Exercises

A proper workout every once in a while will also work wonders on your penis, yet you need to know which exercises to perform. There will be no complicated exercises that require expensive equipment and gym fees, but exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your bedroom. Such exercises are recommended for the body, yet their goal is to increase the human growth hormone. Food plans are also available.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises do not work out of nowhere – every man has tried some. Stem cell and human growth hormone growth must be the first step in the process. The three exercises recommended include stretching, jelqing and PC muscle.

What Is Inside Penis Enlargement Remedy?

Penis Enlargement Remedy is based on seven chapters.

  • Chapter 1: The first chapter describes the erectile dysfunction, as well as its causes and its most common fix – a proper blood flow in the penile area. Furthermore, you will learn how to trigger the natural production of various substances leading to penis growth. The stem cell concept is also described.
  • Chapter 2: The second chapter describes the nutrients used in the natural process of penis growth initiation. You will also learn how to boost blood circulation through various exercises. Find out how to do them right, how often and how to prevent injuries. This is one of the main chapters in the book.
  • Chapter 3: The third chapter may not be interesting for everyone, but just a certain category of men – those suffering from premature ejaculation. Find out what causes it and how to handle it without embarrassing yourself while trying to satisfy your partner.
  • Chapter 4: The fourth chapter is dedicated to sperm – everything related to a higher sperm count, which inevitably leads to more satisfactory sex sessions and better orgasms. The visual aspect of more sperm might be relevant to some, but the actual intensity of an orgasm is what really matters.
  • Chapter 5: This chapter brings in a series of herbs and natural products meant to fuel your body with all the required nutrients for penis growth. Each herb is detailedly explained. The author includes the nutritional content values as well. Plus, you get to learn the health benefits of each of them.
  • Chapter 6: The sixth chapter is dedicated to supplements. While a healthy diet is a must, there are certain aspects that require an extra supplementation. The Penis Enlargement Remedy author also comes up with some natural recommendations.
  • Chapter 7: Doing everything by the book will most likely bring in some results. Want to know more? This is when the seventh chapter kicks in. If you are happy with everything so far, you can skip it. If you want more, it has tables of references where you can find out more about penile growth. There are clinical studies and scientific research too.


  • Guide is easy to follow and straightforward
  • No miraculous ideas, but just pure science and known principles
  • Exercises are described in small details
  • Downloadable content, so you can read it anywhere, on any device
  • No risks associated with the program


  • Guide recommends a few supplements, which implies spending more money
  • Results show up in the longterm and not overnight

Bottom line, Penis Enlargement Remedy comes in with some simple and obvious points of view that make sense to everyone, yet plenty of people overlook. Just like with anything else, it takes time to achieve results, so you need to be fully committed.​


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