The Favorite Food Diet ReviewWhen you’re trying to lose weight, it’s essential for you to get the right information. Otherwise, you could end up having serious health problems. Many diets on the Internet rely on starving the individual, which is very dangerous in the long run. However, you would think that if keep on eating the same food you love, you won’t be able to lose weight, right? Wrong! With The Favorite Food diet, you can still eat the same food and drop a few pounds. Our review sees The Favorite Food Diet as what it is – the right answer in the weight-losing industry.

What is The Favorite Food Diet?

The Favorite Food Diet is a diet for people who wish to lose weight but aren’t willing to give up their favorite foods. It may sound impossible to achieve, yet this is no ordinary program. The Favorite Food Diet doest have a secret – you have to fix your gut flora and maintain a healthy gut biome so your body can burn off the foods you eat as fat.

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It’s a whole process and your body has to adapt. But after it does, you won’t have any problems eating what you love and maintaining a slim silhouette.

How Does It Work?

As we’ve mentioned above, it all starts and ends with your gut flora, as it influences how much fat you store, how your body uses nutrients or how it absorbs them. The moment you start storing foods that your body should be burning as energy is the moment you should know your gut flora is overloaded with bad bacteria. The Favorite Food Diet has the solution and is a safe and natural one.

The program has four rules for you to follow and are the foundation of the journey that you’re about to take on: the importance of whole foods, nourishing your microbiome, include your favorite foods and drink clean water every day.


There are four phases that you’ll take on the Favorite Food Diet journey. The program doesn’t shy away from teaching you things about your body or how to take care of yourself.

Weight-Loss Industry Deception

In this first chapter, you will learn about the complications of being obese, what health issues come with having too many extra pounds. Afterward, some dieting myths are busted, as the industry is exposed for trying to cash in on different diets that rely on starvation. It may sound like conspiracy theories, but there is a lot to learn here, mainly never trusting anything without informing yourself prior.

The True Cause of Obesity

The second part of the program explains how your body stores fat and takes you on a lesson about insulin and fat/sugar connection. Then, the true cause of obesity is revealed, with you learning more about how your gut Biome affects your Weight gain, what are the gut imbalance symptoms or what are the enemies of good bacteria.

The Program

The third part is the longest and contains four chapters. The first one tells you about how you can re-balance your gut biome, while the second one lets you know what to eat. Chapter 3 of The Program comes with some interesting ideas, like the 30-Day visualization exercise. The last chapter of step three offers some answers to general questions, like “what you should expect on this program”.


The title of the final step of The Favorite Food diet says it all. You’ll learn new ideas that will help you in the process of losing weight.

Benefits of The Favorite Food Diet

  • Eat what you want: Rarely you will find a weight losing diet that lets you eat what you want. Many of them concentrate on starvation, which has a negative impact on your overall health. You can even eat desserts if that’s what you wish. That’s how awesome this diet is.
  • Find out new information: The program comes in a digital format, with plenty of information about your body and how it functions. You will also get recipes, shopping lists, healthy advice, and visualization exercises, and you’ll be able to carry them with you on your phone or laptop.
  • It works for all people: The Favorite Food Diet is not a program aimed at a certain population. All people who have weight problems, regardless of age and gender, can rely on this program to help them out.
Disadvantages of The Favorite Food Diet

There aren’t a lot of disadvantages to this program, as it provides scientific information on what you need to do to lose weight. The only program I see is that it’s only available online, so a few folks may have some issues trusting it. Especially with some opinions on the Internet that this is a scam. Like most diets, the Favorite Food Diet doesn’t work the same for all people. Yes, you can eat almost anything you want with this diet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put on some hard work when you should. And some people expect miracles without even lifting a finger.


You can find the Favorite Food Diet online at $37 and you can benefit from a 60 days Money Back Guarantee. Considering the amount of information it provides, it wouldn’t be a bad price even for just reading material. But with so many positive reviews, The Favorite Food Diet is certainly a program that’s worth your money.

Who Should Buy The Favorite Foods Diet?

People who wish to lose weight while still eating their favorite food. You will still be eating a Twinkie from time to time, there’s no harm in that. Just don’t exaggerate with a type of food that could dramatically affect your diet.


The Favorite Food Diet comes with information about your body, recipes and a great plan for success. All you need to do is follow it. We know it sounds too great to be true, to eat what you like and still lose weight, but we’re encouraging you to give it a try. If it worked for others, it can work for you too. You really have nothing to lose!

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