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Eric Von Sydow’s The Collection of Confidence Review

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The Collection of Confidence ReviewHypnotica (real name Eric Von Sydow), is a renowned author, relationship expert and psychologist who for twenty years has been offering dating advice to a countless number of men. This time, he has a new release – The Collection of Confidence; a CD series aimed at improving the confidence of men towards ladies thus ensuring they get the best out of their relationships, dating life and above all, be confident and prosperous in their lives. This 5 part course, broken down into 5 CDs or digital audio downloads, is designed to cover all critical aspects of dating life and life in general, starting with building your confidence to handling rejection and ignorance from people.

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Hypnotica developed The Collection of Confidence largely based on his life and work experiences. This book is targeted at men and their confidence. In the dating and relationships scene, what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful men is mainly their confidence. Confident men attract the ladies they desire. Furthermore, they tend to be happier and more content in life. Non-confident men on the other hand, are commonly referred to as nerds and little attention is paid to them by women. Consequently, they lead a miserable life socially and tend to be less content in life. Hypnotica, in The Collection of Confidence, seeks to transform the “nerd” to a woman magnet by simply building his confidence. This is made possible by the incorporation of twenty years of personal knowledge, coupled with exercises and hypnosis sessions into the book.


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Exercises and hypnosis sessions are a common encounter in this course. Why? Hypnotica believes that for change to take place, work has to be done. The exercises in the course have been incorporated to practically subject the listener of the course to an environment demanding the application of whatever he has learnt. Furthermore, these exercises are aimed at getting the listener out of his comfort zone so that change from a non-confident to a confident person may be accelerated. Hypnosis on the other hand, is meant to instill the concepts learnt. Though hypnosis is a matter of scientific debate in terms of its effectiveness, the sessions in The Collection of Confidence are considerably effective though the degree may vary from person to person. Hypnotica advises that the hypnosis sessions should be preceded by the exercises for optimum results.

Let’s break down this course into its five parts:

Part 1: reinventing yourself

This is the first CD or audio session in The Collection of Confidence course. This is where the foundation for the whole course is laid. Hypnotica takes the listener through a process known as self reinvention where several basics concerning building of confidence will be addressed. This session covers how to start the confidence building process, how to discover yourself, how to move away from behaviors and thoughts that are self limiting, a super sexy secret that women find irresistible among other topics. By successfully finishing this first step of the course, you will already have the capability to attract success wherever you go. Be it relationships or career, the first step gives enough knowledge that will ensure you and success are like a man and his shadow.

Part 2: refusing rejection

The completion of part 1 ushers you into part 2. Rejection is a grave matter that most people have to deal with at some point. Above all, this is a potential confidence killer which if not addressed, it can quickly kill the confidence of an individual thus hamper his success and attraction towards women. In this session, Hypnotica takes the listener through the steps of killing rejection and eliminating the fear of rejection. He deals with issues such as avoiding the “laziness trap”, how to cultivate the boldness and the spirit of adventure, ONE THING that you need to be successful with women among other issues. A 30 minute exercise worth thousands of dollars is also included in this session.

Part 3: daring to decide

Decisions change lives and the course of history. Likewise, decisions can change you. Hypnotica focuses his scope on decision making in an effort to transform his listener from the wannabe man he is to the man he has always wanted to be. In this part, he teaches about optimum success through efficient decision making, mastering new levels of fearlessness, courage and bravery, becoming the alpha male women can’t resist among many other topics. An exercise is also incorporated in this session to ensure what you have learnt you apply practically. This exercise is more powerful than meditation with its success rate hitting 100%. This is definitely a session you won’t forget.

Part 4: assert to achieve

Hypnotica dives into the topic of assertiveness in this part. Assertiveness is imperative if respect and a powerful social presence are to be commanded. Furthermore, assertiveness gives an individual control over his life. This fourth step in the Collection of Confidence course will provide you with knowledge on saying “no” and how women find it irresistible, avoiding the type of aggression which blocks many men from success, commanding attention from women and obtaining respect from other men among many other topics. At this fourth step, noticeable change is evident among the course takers. There is a considerable confidence boost with money and success finding you irresistible.

Part 5: collecting more confidence

The confidence built through the four sessions is not optimum for you to prosper in your relationships, dating and life in general. This last step goes a notch higher since it has the toughest of all the exercises in the course. This exercise is so demanding that Hypnotica advises if you have not gone through the previous four steps, you will not have the courage enough to handle the exercise. This last chapter of the Collection of Confidence course will go through topics such as how to fix a broken aspect of your life by the use of one powerful tool, how to turn errors and mistakes into opportunities among many other topics.

The Collection of Confidence is built on one major theme; change. To transform from a non-confident to a confident person, a lot of change is required. Hypnotica says that if you want to succeed with women and be happier in life, then you have to be constantly changing and growing. Fear is also highlighted. It is pictured as a great inhibitor to building confidence and assertiveness in men. Consequently, fear paralyses a man’s success with women and his life in general.

The full course comes in five audio sessions or CDs. However, there are two bonus hypnosis sessions that are given once you buy the full course. These sessions also include some audio interviews between Hypnotica and renowned people such as Cameron Teone; meant at solidifying your confidence and giving you useful tips on how women can find you almost 100% irresistible.


Like any other product in the market, The Collection of Confidence has its pros and cons. On the brighter side, this confidence-building course has a lot of great stuff for the men. It is very practical and realistic in terms of advice. The audio sessions are short but full of substantial information. Furthermore, this course does not just turn you into a ladies magnet, but also a success and happiness magnet, making it applicable all round in life. The exercises build up quite well, providing an ample learning environment.


If you are looking for a relationship course that will teach you thing “out of the game” such as “how to talk to women” then this is not the course for you. This is majorly a confidence course thus other relationship needs may not be addressed effectively.


The Collection of Confidence is a course hard to bring to fault. It is simply on point it covers the issue of confidence amicably and the illustrations together with the exercises used in the course are apt for the course itself. It is a great buy and definitely, you should be going online to buy it.


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