Tantric Sex For Beginners: An Ultimate Guide for Curious Couples

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It’s always good to keep the spark in your life alive. Isn’t it? Well, when it comes to sex with your partner, you need to keep trying new things to keep your relationship going. Tantric sex is one such fun category which you must give a shot once in your life. How about the idea of awakening your divine spiritual self through sex? Or, if I were to put in other words, how about systematically restoring your sexual energy? Ever thought, that sex could be more than mere intercourse. It could be even more pleasurable than you could have thought it to be.

Why not throw these words “Tantric Sex” while talking to your partner next time? If they feel they know everything about sex, then its time to challenge their wits. The fact is that a very few of us actually know what it is all about. Sex is considered to be an recreational activity. But, ever wondered about opening doors to your inner spiritual self through sexual activity? Sounds amazing. Isnt it? Well, this is what Tantric Sex is all about. It is an ancient spiritual practice which aims at conjoining masculine and feminine energies as a unified whole.

If you are still wondering that what I really mean, here are something you need to know to get a better idea about what Tantric Sex is all about. If I were to bring it down to one term then I would call it as “erotic enlightenment”. Ever wondered, how it would be tempt, tease and thoroughly please your partner? Basically, it’s not hours of lovemaking but it is fantastic. Tantric Sex encompasses spiritual and erotic elements. It is meant to deepen the intimacy between two persons and in turn heighten pleasure.

Spiritual Sex is one of the best alternative to feel the pleasure of flesh. It’s always advisable that you keep the charm in your relationship alive hence experimenting new things can always be a great idea. Tantric Sex is basically a spiritual practice before the actual sexual act. The basic idea is to be emotionally with your partner and commune with them without speaking a word. Yes, you heard it right. Tantric Sex uses silence as the major weapon to attain spiritual solace.

Tantric Sex has been regarded as an art form where partners afraid to let go intellectually, emotionally and physically. You simply need to develop a deep connection with your own self. Tantric Sex hence aims at balancing your well being before enjoying the eroticism of actual sexual act. It stands in stark contrast to pornographic sex.

Some Essential Tantric Sex Tips For Beginners


You need to ensure that you create a healthy, positive aura around you so that connecting with your inner self becomes easy. Also, its always good to have positive vibes around you so you can prepare a bed of roses with all the sweet fragrant perfumes filling the air. After all, it’s about awakening the spiritual energies within you.


While practicing tantric sex, make sure that you are healthy spiritually, emotionally and mentally. You need to interact with your own inner self, hence make sure that it’s worthwhile.

You need to experience it with an open mind otherwise it would not be a fulfilling experience for you. Its preferable if you sit down after having a refreshing bath either alone or with your partner. You just don’t need to sexually indulge with them. The practice is meant to mentally relax you. You just need to enjoy this moment of spiritual encounter to the fullest. With time, you would know your preferences better.


What you need to make sure is that whatever position you plan to choose, you should be in great proximity with your erotic zones. It’s totally your choice that which position you are most comfortable in. You may want to sit cross legged or drape your legs over each other so that you can actually feel the energy flowing within yourself. You can also try Yab-Yum position in which male sits down cross legged while the female sits down on the top of his legs and faces him.


  • Breathe with your partner. Try to sync with them while inhaling and exhaling. It would be great if you can maintain a constant eye contact with your partner and try to match your pace with them. If you want, you can place your hand on their chest to feel their heart skipping a beat.
  • You can stimulate your partner but in a spiritual way. Got confused? Well, you can very lightly move your fingertips across parts of your partner’s body while maintaining a constant eye contact. You don’t have to touch them properly but you can brush your fingers around their breasts or genital area.
  • Did you know that you can even enjoy a tantric kiss or a tantric massage? Yes, definitely. You need to keep pace with your partner’s breath and then you should join your lips in a sensual, soft and slow manner. You can also go for a tantric massage in which and gently massage non erogenous parts of your partner’s body and proceed to rubbing their erogenous parts. Just remember, tantric massage isn’t about stimulating your partner so don’t bring them to orgasm.
  • Final step could to experience that ultimate blissful state by having sex with your partner. What you need to keep in mind is that sex is not the sole aim of tantric massage. It is one of the possible choices that you and your partner may want to make .Just be sure that you don’t lose out the consciousness of the act. Stay focused and allow the energy to build within yourself.

Some Of The Best Positions In Tantric Sex

These are some of the best positions which you must definitely try once with your partner. All you need to know is in Tantric Sex, having sex is not the goal but experiencing things spiritually is what remains important.


In this position, women lies on her back with her legs crossed in the air while the male tries to penetrate carefully. This position is extremely beneficial for women as it contributes to a good control of her vaginal muscles. This posture also helps the partners to remain deeply united for a longer time. This position ensures the partners to maintain an eye contact during their erotic intercourse. This position can truly test your patience and help you control your sexual energy for a greater period of time.


In this position, man sits in a lotus posture. The man embraces the woman in his arms while indulging in the act of intercourse with her. While the woman sits down crossing her legs, the man penetrates. In this position, erect lingam can easily penetrate into her cervix without any hassles. The woman plays an important role in this position by balancing her pelvis so that she can squeeze her lover’s lingam by contracting her vaginal muscles. This ecstatic position also allows you to meditate while having an amorous intercourse.


If you enjoy having a good foreplay, then you should definitely try this position. In this position, you are in face to face contact with your partner and hence kissing and maintaining a regular eye contact becomes easier. You simply need to roll the missionary position on its side. It totally depends on you whether both the legs be rested across his legs or just one leg must stay under him. You need to be perfectly harmonizing your breaths together.


The name sounds exciting. Isn’t it? Just grab a chair and let him sit down .Bend slowly onto him until you touch the floor and make full penetration possible. It is the best position for experiencing continuous orgasm. Your man can have a firm grip over your butt and guide your hips in a rhythm.


If you simply want to gaze your partner’s body without touching them, then this is a highly recommended posture for you. Wrap your legs around your partner’s waist and lean back to rest on your hands or elbows to enjoy a view of your lover’s body.


If you are wanting to experience mutual satisfaction and intimacy with your partner then you can try this position. Woman takes hold of the man by laying on the top while facing away from the man. Then reverse your position to lay back against his chest and take control by pressing your feet against the bed to create a sliding effect. Then, you can enjoy him slowly breathing on the neck while feeling his heart beats.

These are some of the best positions you should definitely try if you practice Tantric Sex. These positions are perfect blend of eroticism, spiritual energies and pleasure.


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