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Sizegenetics Review & Real Results [UPDATED 2021]

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Sizegenetics ReviewEvery man thinks about having a larger penis at least once in a lifetime. The truth is that while most men think they have small penises, they are actually normal. However, no matter what they say, size does matter and there is always room for more if you truly want to satisfy your loved one. Some men are so desperate that they would even rely on cosmetic surgery, which is not necessarily recommended. Male enhancement solutions are far better, especially when there is no medication involved, but just a clinically proven device. Read on to discover this SizeGenetics review and find out what it can do for you.

SizeGenetics for Penis Size Growth

SizeGenetics has a self-explanatory name. It is specifically designed to increase the penile size overnight. Unfortunately, it is not an overnight process. It takes weeks and even months of everyday use. The growth varies from one individual to another. After all, it depends on the current penis size. A small penis is likely to experience a major change, while a large one will grow less.

SizeGenetics comes with a clinical background. It is one of the first penis extenders approved by the FDA for penis size growth, so its uses are medically accepted and proven to work. However, it requires attention and patience.

SizeGenetics Claims on Penis Size Growth

The claims seem to be realistic, but using SizeGenetics implies proper dedication. Generally speaking, you can get up to a couple of inches in penis length over around six months. It is a lengthy process that takes lots of hard work. According to SizeGenetics, you should wear the extender for around six hours a day ? every single day.

There are also more extreme users that have used it for 12 hours a day. There is a reason wherefore SizeGenetics recommends six hours only ? you are less likely to hurt yourself. Besides, there are no clinical results to claim that the effects will be faster. Therefore, stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid measuring your penis on a daily basis.


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How It Works?

The way SizeGenetics works is fairly simple to understand. There are no wonder solutions or theories, but just pure science explained in a transparent way. It simply works like muscles. When you build muscles or other parts of your body, you have to tear tissues apart. It does not mean cutting them open, but exercising until weights literally break down tissues. You will feel a slight pain, as well as burning sensations ? something normal after every exercise.

The body will inevitably build new tissues to replace the torn ones. When this process becomes repetitive, the body will naturally build larger and more powerful tissues, as it expects an unusual pressure or tension. The same rule applies to your penis. But then, you do not want to pull your penis and injure yourself. Instead, SizeGenetics has designed a penis stretcher that relies on progressive mechanical traction. Since tissues are constantly torn, they will grow stronger and larger.

The penis extender is popular for its long-term permanent results. Unlike air pumps, penis extenders do not work instantly. Their results are also not temporary. Instead, you see nothing after a few uses, but after half a year ? more or less. Obviously, if you know what you are doing and you are experienced with male enhancement devices, you can also try both air pumps before sex and penis extenders for long-term results ? interchangeable uses, but not at the same time.

Apart from the clinically proven increase in penile length, SizeGenetics is also used to treat specific problems. From this point of view, the bend penis syndrome is easy to correct with the penis extender in the long run. The same rule applies to the micropenis syndrome, yet results only imply an obvious increase in length. All in all, no matter what your issues or reasons are, SizeGenetics will work in a few different directions.

What Is in the SizeGenetics Package?

Sizegenetics Review
SizeGenetics sells its penis extender in a few different packages. They come with different extras and accessories, as well as different prices. The cheapest is the simplest. Some of the things you might have in your package include the actual penis extender, powder to prevent discomfort, cream, device maintenance wipes, a travel bag and an educational DVD on penis health. Some buyers received free e-books as well. A detailed manual of instructions with illustrations will answer all your questions about SizeGenetics.

The company is known for changing its special offers, presents and extras on a regular basis. Therefore, if extras do matter to you, check out the official website to find out what you will get with your penis extender.

The good news is you do not have to make any separate purchases. Simply install the device according to the instructions and try it on right away ? out of the box.

How to Use?

 How To Use Sizegenetics
You need to use SizeGenetics on a daily basis for at least three hours ? ideally, six hours. You have to do it for over six months if you want visible results. Sometimes, you can take a break for a day or two if your penis feels a bit uncomfortable. However, it almost always feels uncomfortable when you start. Getting used to it might take a couple of weeks. Figuring the perfect tension is usually a trial and error procedure that might need daily adjustments.

Put the penis through the ring on the base and install the long bars on the sides. The head of your penis should go through the headpiece. The comfort straps are fitted with some bands ? pull them to keep the penis secure. You should feel comfortable, but also experience a little tension.


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Get Started by Clicking ‘Claim a Discount’ Button and Increase Your Penis Size Dramatically in Lest Then 6 Months . This is Guaranteed!

You should use the device for one hour a day in your first days, then gradually increase the duration until you reach six hours a day. It will take a while, but it is doable. As for wearing the device, you do not necessarily have to stay still to be efficient. Get some loose clothes and you can do your daily activities. You can even wear it at work if you have a chilled office job. Some people go even further and wear SizeGenetics overnight.

Side Effects

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, there are no side effects associated with SizeGenetics. Remember ? patience is gold. Do not overstretch your penis hoping for overnight results because they will never happen. Instead, you will only hurt yourself.

Some of the users who tried pushing too hard experienced soaring sensations, but not using the device for a day or two will solve the problem. Overall, the extender is extremely safe to use.

Who Is for

Pretty much every man out there would like a larger penis. Therefore, it is recommended to everyone. Results will vary widely based on the initial penis size though. Those with a micropenis or a small penis will experience a higher increase, while naturally gifted men are less likely to grow a lot ? still a noticeable difference though.

Other than that, SizeGenetics can be used by everyone, yet men under 18 should avoid it because they are still in a growing stage, so their penises will get larger anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are There Any Dangers to Injure Yourself? Unless you wear the extender while doing a demanding physical job and you fall on your penis, the risks to injure yourself are almost null. Common sense will prevail.
  • Will My Penis Get Thinner as It Gets Longer? No. In fact, the SizeGenetics penis extender will increase both the length and girth of your penis. Results are directly proportional, so your penis will not get thinner.
  • Is the Package Discreet? Yes. You do not want a mail delivery person to deliver a box with a penis extender on it in front of your neighbors, do you? SizeGenetics knows that, so the package will be extremely discreet ? no one can guess what hides inside.
  • How Long Does It Take to See Any Results? It takes time to see results. If you measure your penis everyday, you will not necessarily notice anything. Also, results vary from one man to another based on the initial penis size. Full results will be visible after six months to a year. However, if you measure your penis before you start using SizeGenetics and one more time a month later, you will notice a change. It is an ongoing process.
  • What Results Should I Expect? Results vary widely, yet the manufacturer claims on around 25% on your penis length and 20% on the girth over six months to a year. You can calculate yourself according to your penis size.

Sizegenetics Results


In the end, it is no surprise why SizeGenetics is widely advertised for in a series of publications, not to mention its FDA approval. It can and will work wonders on your penis, but it takes time and hard work from your side.


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