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Quick Extender Pro Review – The Truth About Increasing Your Penis Length [UPDATED 2021]

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Quick Extender Pro Review

If you have ever tried penis extenders before, you probably know how uncomfortable they are, especially throughout your everyday activities. Trying to sleep with one is just as uncomfortable. While some manufacturers have tried adding various silicone parts only for a more comfortable experience, the truth is that only one company has actually managed to take comfort and wearability to a new level. Quick Extender Pro is currently the one and only device out there with the DSS system. The Dual Strap Support System makes the extender easy to wear – at times, you will forget about it.

Go on with this Quick Extender Pro review to find out more about it.

What Is Quick Extender Pro?

Introduced in 2007, Quick Extender Pro has quickly becomes one of the top products on the market. More than a decade later, it is still among the most popular extenders, so there must be something about it. It promises to increase the penis length without any surgical operations, medications or drugs. If used correctly, there are absolutely no side effects associated with it.

The device is made with safety standards in mind. Basically, all materials are hypoallergenic and feature a medical grade construction.

Innovatech Designs is the name behind Quick Extender Pro. The company is based in the USA, yet it has a few call centers all across the world. Users can also keep track of their items due to the built-in order tracking system. In other words, the penis extender comes from a reputable company that is entirely transparent. It has a physical address and multiple phone numbers for the customer service – no need to deal with some sketchy customer service in the middle of nowhere and a company that you could never track if you had any problems.

How It Actually Works?

Just like most other extenders on the market, Quick Extender Pro works on the exact same principles. It is based on a scientific fact – expose the human body to pressure or tension and it will adapt. Put some pressure on your penis and cells will divide in order to resist it. The new cells will also keep growing. As a direct consequence, the penis size will increase.

The device must be fitted on the penis, then adjusted. You will need to feel it there and maybe even feel a bit of tension. However, do not exaggerate and keep it safe. If it feels painful, drop the tension. If it feels too uncomfortable, remove it – simple as that.


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While it does add to your size, it is important to know that it does not work like a classic male enhancement supplement for erections. If you think the result will occur overnight and your partner will be ecstatic at your new size, you think too far. You might notice some small changes after a few months, but the best results are achieved within six month to a year.

How to Use Quick Extender Pro?

The ease of use and extra comfort are the most important things associated with Quick Extender Pro. According to a Quick Extender Pro review, it is all because of the DSS system. If you have used penis extenders before, this one is similar in operation. If it is your first one, you will get how it works in no time.

Move he traction rods, then adjust the device based on your size. Slide the penis through it and make sure it feels comfortable. When perfectly between the rods, you can put the silicone straps on top. Not only do they hold the tip of your penis in place, but silicone is also easy to wear.

The penis extender must be worn for at least a few hours on a daily basis. If you can do a bit more, go for it. But do not exaggerate or you risk injuring yourself.

Who Quick Extender Pro Is for?

Quick Extender Delux
Quick Extender Pro can and will work with every man out there. It is recommended to any man over 18. There are no risks associated with teenagers, but the body is still naturally growing until about 20 years old. Therefore, you should wait before deciding whether or not you are happy with your natural size, as things might change. As for an upper limit, there are no restrictions. Obviously, a 65 years old man will experience a slower cell regeneration process than a 25 years old man, so results will vary based on a few factors.

Penis extenders were originally created to treat the Peyronie’s disease – an unusual curvature of the penis. While it can be mild, it can also aggravate with time. At some point, the curvature could be so obvious that both partners would experience painful sensations during sex.

Side Effects of Quick Extender Pro

There are no side effects associated with Quick Extender Pro or at least not too significant. Keep in mind that you are attaching a metallic device to your penis. You might experience some discomfort, as well as itchy sensations when you walk. A little redness may also occur within the first days, but it is natural. It will go away in no time.

Make sure that you do not exaggerate with the traction tension though. Putting more pressure than you need might lead to injuries. Also, it is less likely to rush the results in, so you are literally injuring yourself only. Start low and gradually increase the duration and tension.


  • Apart from increasing penile length, it also cures the curvature of the penis.
  • Available in a few more packages, depending on what extras you want.
  • More comfortable than any other extender due to the DSS system.
  • Good value for money.
  • Comes from a reliable and transparent manufacturer.


  • Takes time for the results to be visible.
  • Might cause itchy sensations and redness until the body gets used to it.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much size will I gain?

Results vary based on multiple factors – genetics, age, current size and lifestyle, only to name a few. It also depends on how effectively you actually use the extender. Some people have experienced a massive growth of up to two inches.

Can I use the penis extender while I sleep?

You can, but it is not really indicated. Most people move at least a few times in their sleep. It is almost impossible to maintain the same position throughout the night. For your own safety and peace of mind, it would be better if you just ditched the idea and wore the device while you are awake.

Will the extender affect my erections?

Not at all. Quick Extender Pro is designed to be safe. Use it according to the instructions and your erections will not change at all. In fact, the new cells might have more vitality than the old ones, so things could actually get a bit better.


Bottom line, you do not need a Quick Extender Pro review to tell you what to do. Just look at the specifications and double check the science behind it. The extender is full transparent and clearly proves how it can change your life.


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  1. Buyer Beware. Their product may work but their customer service is a joke. I didn’t receive the package that I ordered so I opened a customer support ticket with them detailing what I didn’t receive. It’s been 6 weeks now and although they have closed the customer support ticket I still have not received everything I ordered. Considering there is a $170 difference in the package I received and what I ordered I would not recommend dealing with this company.

  2. Quick extender is not a good product at all lots of BS and promises.The product itself made from a very poor materials,flimsy plastic and easy to bend aluminum parts,very weak tension springs it wont last for 2 days. double strap system is not comfortable at all,it’s very painful because it’s pinching the skin.Customer service NOT replying after selling the product.Do not waste your money, buy something else, do your real good research before buying, don’t look to the price only look for the quality because you need to use a good penis extender for a long time without breaking it and you must feel comfortable too. Quick extender pro is a gimmick.

    • Quick extender pro is a gimmick, Customer service NOT replying after selling the product, share our experience.

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