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Pro Extender Review & REAL Results [UPDATED 2021]

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Be honest about it. Even if you have an adult film star’s penis, you would still love to see a bigger one in your pants. Every man in the world would like a larger and firmer erection. In fact, most men believe their penises are too small, even if some of them are averagely sized. The problem is no matter where you look today, all you can find is promises to increase your penis by 100 inches and make it so hard that you can break walls with it. Results? Not really. There are, however, certain applications and products that work, yet it is hard to spot them in an industry overwhelmed by junk.

This Pro Extender review goes a bit deeper into details and explains how things work.

Introducing Pro Extender ? What Is It?

Pro Extender is based on some old principles of cell expansion. The actual product was created by Dr. Jorn Siana in the 1990s. The famous plastic surgeon based it on the traction principle. In other words, pretty much any part of the body can expand through traction as cells divide. There are plenty of similar devices out there, yet they have no technical background and might lead to injuries. Created by a doctor, Pro Extender aims to provide penis enlargement without any risks at all. In fact, it is rated as a type 1 certified medical device.

Pro Extender was proven to be so efficient that it keeps selling today, after more than two decades since it hit the market. In other words, given its popularity, there must be something good about it. It also features a second (more powerful) version known as Pro Extender Deluxe. It is recommended to those with large penises ? up to nine inches long when flaccid.

How Pro Extender Works?

Pro Extender works on some ancient principles. The principle of traction is not new at all. In fact, everyone is aware of it, as it exists for hundreds of years. Simply put, cells divide themselves into smaller cells that grow larger when exposed to traction or tension. It does not have to be painful though, as the body is quite receptive and stretches fast.

Not sure whether or not this is true? You have probably seen documentaries based on tribes who elongate certain parts of their bodies, such as necks (with multiple rings), fingers or ears. Even if you have not, look around you. Ladies with heavy earrings have bigger ears because the earlobe drags down and becomes bigger ? simple as that.

The even better news is that results are permanent.

How to Use Pro Extender?

If you have read about penis extenders before, you might be familiar with how Pro Extender works. You will have to put the ring over the base of your penis. Attach the extender bars, then slide the tip of your penis through a silicone band. The traction bars on each side of Pro Extender are adjustable, so you can adjust the tension yourself.


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Ideally, you should feel a slight traction force. It must not be too uncomfortable, but just enough to feel it. This is it. It might take a bit of time to get used to it. Start with a couple of hours a day, move on to four hours a day and so on until you can keep the device for up to 12 hours a day.

Results of Using Pro Extender Overtime

Ideally, you should use Pro Extender for at least three months to achieve visible results. During the first month, you will most likely spend time to get used to it and increase the tension, as well as the wearing duration. Do not overwhelm yourself trying to keep it on your penis for 12 hours a day from your first day. Not only is it uncomfortable, but you also risk injuring yourself. While there will be some results, they are less likely to be too noticeable due to the various stages and changing sizes of a penis.

The next couple of months will provide visible and measurable results. Avoid measuring your penis everyday though. It is like working out. You will not see any results if you weigh yourself or measure your chest on a daily basis. According to pretty much any Pro Extender review, you will have to expand it on a regular basis in order to accommodate the new size. The manual of instructions coming with the package will teach you how to do that. It is also worth noting that you will not necessarily notice the results while having an erection, but while your penis will rest. It will look both thicker and longer.

Who Pro Extender Is for?

Simply put, Pro Extender makes a good choice for anyone who wants a longer penis. It makes no difference if you have a small penis or a massive one. If you think about it, there is always room for more. It is worth noting that it will not help with other sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction or semen volume, but only penis size. The penis will gain in both length and girth.

Those with micropenises may not really benefit from it as it is too big for them. Other than that, this Pro Extender review targets men with penises up to seven inches in length when flaccid. If your penis is longer than that, you can try Pro Extender Deluxe. It takes penises up to nine inches in length when flaccid.

Side Effects of Pro Extender

Given the wearable profile of Pro Extender, you should expect some discomfort, especially if this is the first time you use a penis extender. However, mild discomfort is one thing and pain is another thing. If it feels painful, you are putting too much tension on it, so readjust it.

The body may take a while to get used to it. Meanwhile, you might experience itchy sensations while wearing the device, skin redness and irritation. Such side effects are mild and less likely to cause any major problems.


  • Designed and endorsed by medical professionals ? based on known principles.
  • Can be used and worn discreetly, even at work ? as long as it is not a physically demanding environment that may lead to injuries.
  • It can easily solve any penis curvature issues.
  • Increases both the length and girth.
  • Full package.


  • Can only be purchased over the Internet.
  • Should come with more extra parts.
Frequently Asked Questions

Will wearing Pro Extender longer work faster?

Wearing Pro Extender for more than 12 hours a day will not rush your results. It is contraindicated.

Does Pro Extender increase the penis girth too?

Due to the traction force, both the length and girth will be increased overtime.

What are the most common mistakes to do when wearing Pro Extender?

Avoid wearing it if your job implies demanding physical activity. Also, do not take it to the gym and avoid sleeping with it.



In the end, this Pro Extender review should make things clear. There is science behind Pro Extender and the results will not cease to impress you in the long run.


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