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Penguin Method Review

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Penguin Method ReviewWhy “Penguin Method” book is so popular online?

Falling in love can be a wonderful thing that unfortunately many have not experienced. Many people who have experienced the fairy tale love, also experience the exact opposite of the sensational feeling heartbreak. Did you know, eighty percent of married couples admitted to cheating on their significant other eighty percent. Knowing this can weigh heavily on your mind, but what if there was a way to fall deeply head over heels in love, without all the risks? That percentage is crazy, but if you could lower the chances of heartache or maybe even diminish it, would you try? That is what this product claims it can do. It is called, the Penguin Method, and as cute as it sounds, they are offering some hard core results that can change how people work in relationships. This is the Penguin Method review, and this can help you decide if it is right for you.

What Is The Penguin Method?

You are probably wondering how penguins are going to help your love life, don’t worry, no animals were tested on in the process, and you won’t have to deal with penguins personally! This method was named after these glorious and genius creatures as they have done something we humans can’t seem to do stay committed to each other. I mean, seriously, we have advanced at an exponential rate within the last century, but can’t seem to get love right. Penguins are walking, squawking, love stories simply because they have lifetime mates.


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The penguin method is based on the actual not-as-cute term, neurological reliance, a subject known well by the person behind this tactic, Samantha Sanderson. Samantha Sanderson, a relationship specialist, says Penguin Method is for women. To test out her strategies, she developed a test group, studying the behaviors of men who are exposed to the method and what results women have. She claims this strategy has been used by mega corporations to advertise their products to customers, making them feel the “need” to purchase their product. She then used neurological reliance as a way to get men to fall in love.

Product Details

In Penguin Method package, they offer the one thing all women desire, a committed partner. But how? Well Samantha Sanderson configured and organized this strategy in three steps. She claims, these tactics will make a man emotionally and physically desire you.

Product Offers:

  • A way to have a man plan a future with you, adore you, and stay loyal to you.
  • Make a man become obsessed with you (hopefully not too much) and prove his love to you daily.
  • A way to have your man continuously respond to texts and calls, this strategy called the Phone Fascination Method.
  • Have a man create Habits of Love–he’ll basically do things daily to show his appreciation for you.
  • A little love dictionary of specific words that will attract a man to you and have him wanting more.
  • A way for the man you desire to come after you, even if you are too shy to pursue him yourself.
  • Get your man back or a man who rejected you (but why would you want to do that?)
  • Build a long lasting relationship

The Penguin Method author has warned against using methods on just any guy, as the man you choose will be constantly trying to pursue you, so in other words, be careful what you wish for.


Money Back Guaranteed

Within sixty days you can return your purchase, and receive a refund.

Guaranteed Results Now this is very bold to claim in Penguin Method, but with years of trial and error finally there are proven methods that work on men. Samantha Sanderson puts her confidence behind the system, allowing you to find what and who you are looking for.


You will be given easy to follow directions which you can copy and implement to achieve the man of your dreams. This exact how-to has been tested for years.

Secret Strategies

You will get a slew of information that you can use in any situation. These methods can be used secretly, as the man you are targeting will not know what you are actually doing.

For All Women

Whatever your shape or size, this product claims to fit any preference. Results should be expected of any woman who tries these methods correctly.


You can gain confidence in yourself and your abilities to attract the man you want in your life, and really, how much is that worth? Finding the “one” is a big life goal for most women, and for those who are struggling, this can be the way to find that.


As serious as it is finding love, it can be a fun experience for you. Testing out the methods and seeing how it works for you can end the hassle of dating and searching for the right guy. You can make dating fun by searching for the guy you like most and actually nailing most of the qualities you look for in a man on your list.

  • One of the main disadvantages of Penguin Method, as well as with every other product in the world, is if it will work for you. Are these methods really working for women out there? With the return policy, this eliminates the risk, but finding love is a big problem to solve. So if you can’t successfully implement the tactics, then it may be a big disappointment.
  • This is only geared toward women. All of these tools are for rewiring a man’s brain. Maybe there’s a method somewhere that works on women, then again, we are much too complex!

When all is said and done, love is complicated and as much as we all hate to admit it, the saying is true you can’t live with them but you can’t live without them. Penguin Method system is a way to figure out how men’s minds work. If you have a boyfriend or husband who seems distant or you are having trouble finding the one, this may be for you. Whether or not this will work for you is of course up to you. The Penguin Method offers strong claims and a money back guarantee. It also offers a way to solve your love issues. With those thoughts in mind, it’s worth a try. Finding love is priceless, and if you can actually get a price on it and have a money back guarantee, why not?


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