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With over 29 million members, Match is one of the biggest online dating sites. The most significant factor about this site is that that it offers both efficient search system and five daily match suggestions according to shared background or interests. In addition, is well known online dating sites that offer internet dating that is totally applicable for cell-phone which enables you to search for a partner whenever and wherever..

Match Packages and Features has one package if you decide to register for no more than 6 months. If you wish to register for the 6 month plan, then you are able to upgrade your membership for an additional $1 each month to make the most of variety of benefits which you would be charged otherwise. These features include:

  • An emphasized profile
  • Notifications upon your emails were checked
  • First impressions¬Ě – To have your profile sent by email directly to new members to give a sense of’s members. This enables to boost the amount of interest in your profile.

If you want to check out, you are able to do so and it is cost-free thanks to their free version. You can get a feel for the other users and see if you feel comfortable with the site’s interface.

Pricing provides four kind of price setting. For six month plans, if you didn’t succeed in finding your potential match within the six months of your plan, you are going to get six months free of charge. To be eligible you need to make an sincere and genuine profile and react to or initiate communication with at no less than five people via the system throughout your initial six months. This guarantee does not cover any kind of communication including chat and winks that are done outside of

All plans are going to be automatically renewed previous to the expiration date so that you will not lose your saved matches or communications. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription if you do not wish to continue using their service.

Membership Base

  • More than 29 million members
  • Serves both heterosexual and gay singles
  • Married people are not allowed to register for
  • Around 17% of women and 16% of men signing up for are older than 50.

How Works provides its users with a plenty of search alternatives so that you are able to locate potential matches according to any standards that are crucial to you. The site provides keyword searching in addition to modified search via which you are able to narrow down your options according to datas such as marital status, political views, salary range, astrological sign, etc.

Further more, has three useful search alternatives:

  • They have a feature that lets you search others who are in your area now. This service can assist you locate people close to you and is going to also guide you directly to profiles that are still active. This will help you chat with those in your area and online instantly.
  • Reverse matching. This feature is great because you will be able to check out profiles of singles who have similar needs as you.
  • Mutual matching. In this part, you are given the opportunity to locate people who answered the About my Date section in a similar fashion.
  • shows each profile in a easy-to-understand, simple way and also shows you which elements of your profile match the profile that you are attracted to.
  • also allows you to classify your search outcomes in a wide range of ways so that you are able to see your options in the most efficient way. You can select from the detailed view or the gallery view.
  • Lastly, provides you with its Daily 5, recommendation of five potential matches according to a variety of qualities that you share. You have to understand that there are some times that you will not get a Daily 5 suggestion, or maybe you might get only 3 or less number.
  • Six month guarantee that you are going to find someone special
  • Side by side match-ups of features that you have in common with other profiles

Registration for will generally takes around 30 minutes as you will need to fill out three main categories of questions. The 1st category is “About Me”, which contains eight subsections such as:

  • Basics (2 pages of questions about your hometown, marital status and additional usual questions)
  • Appearance (I page of questions to give an account of how you look)
  • Interests (3 pages with multiple choice and optional free-response questions to provide information on your interests, favorite sports and other pastime activities)
  • Lifestyle (2 pages of multiple choice and optional free-response questions on your smoking habits, work and pet preferences)
  • Background/Values (2 pages on your religion and social group that surprisingly do not ask questions directly regarding your values)
  • Get to Know Me (2 pages of questions that provide a partial view of yourself including your favorite comedian and how you act at a party)

The 2nd set of questions aim to figure out what you are looking for in a future partner and has three subsections:

  • Appearance (1 page about what you wish your suitable partner to look like)
  • Background/Values (1 page asking what social group, religion and education level you wish your future match to have. These questions don`t have anything to do with values as much as your partner`s background)
  • Lifestyle (2 pages that ask you to select your ideal partner`s income range, job, smoking habits and if has or wish to have children)

Finally, the last section of making a profile is the In My Own Words section where they ask you to express yourself and your desired match in around 4000 characters and to set a headline for your profile.

This is different from those compatibility matching services that ask you to answer every question in the registration questionnaire, you get to choose which questions you want to answer and which questions to discard at However, you need to keep in mind that less answered profile might affect the number of visitors who would be interested to decrease. Naturally, people will feel more comfortable with the profile that has detailed information.

When you finish answering the questionnaire, you are going to need to put out a photo. You don`t have to worry even if you have hard time uploading it as you can send your photo via email to and they will take care of it for you. When you successfully completed the registration, you will be required to send it for review. After it is approved by the customer support team, it will be up live on This process may take up to 24 hours.

Customer Support

Even though majority of online dating sites provides customer service by email only, provides their users with both email and phone support. We called their customer care center to check their availability, and their response was quite fast. It did not take even one minute before one of their staff picked up the phone. He was very welcoming and sincere and very professional.

Although they promise a response within 24 hours, We were disappointed to find out that we did not receive a response to this email during the promised time. Instead, we received a response 2 days later. Although the reply was late, it did answer my questions directly and appropriately.


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  1. John Longino Reply

    10 years ago – it seems a blur – I had given up on finding a kind, smart, loving, energetic woman to marry. Two catastrophic prior marriages consumed 30 years between them. I was 55 years old and thought – perhaps – I was destined to remain single. 4 years on Match had led to lots of dayes: I’m considered handsome, 6’3, 220. BBA, MBA, JD and 31 years as an attorney – 21 with my own firm – I had financial security. I sought (not a “Christian”) fellow follower of Jesus. An equal partner. But time and youth had passed. I was ready to give up.

    At that time Donna 6’2, 220, a former All-American basketball player and an executive at a Fortune 50 company was also giving up after a longer time oN Match.

    More out of habit than hope I contacted her. 8 years ago I married the beautiful woman who – for me – was and is the perfect wife. Smarter, kinder, gentler. A follower of Jesus. 6 years ago we retired. The first 5 years we travelled around the world: 20 months out of 60 out of the USA. We are now starting our 2nd 5 year plan hiking the Appalachian Trail – maybe the whole thing! – before returning for another our favorite city: Paris. Our 7 kids – now all grown – have magically blended into one mutually supportive family. Life is not good. It’s AWESOME. And it all started 10 years ago today on Match.

  2. Aarin Masta Reply

    Match is the worst site imaginable. Look forward to spending two minutes verifying that you’re not a computer every time you log in (after paying), so you can see 45 people, two of whom you’re interested in (in a top 5 city in terms of population in the US), one of whom has been online in the last year… and a bunch of people a hundred miles away. All good reviews about this horrible site online are ones they paid for. Run for the internet hills.

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