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Male EDGE Review – How, When & Why Does It Work Increasing Your Penis?

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Male EDGE Review
In today’s society, a large penis is associated with virility, masculinity, fertility and passion. While many women will not admit it, they do crave for a large masculine penis. On another note, men often feel overwhelmed by what they can see in adult films. A large penis makes you feel more secure, gain self confidence, excel in bed and try a variety of different sex positions. However, increasing your penis size can be challenging. While everyone has heard of penis extenders, it is essential to stick to a product with a good reputation and a well established manufacturer.

This Male EDGE review will tell you everything you need to know about this classic extender.

Discovering Male EDGE – What Is It?

Male EDGE is one of the best known penis extenders on the market. It comes from the same family as Jes Extender – a more popular choice. They are both designed by DanaLife ApS, a Danish medical company that created penis extenders to help heal the Peyronie’s disease – an unusual curvature of the penis that affects many men. Penis size growth was only a positive side effect that everyone embraced. The manufacturer deals in this industry since 1995.

Male EDGE is slightly different from its competition – and even from Jes Extender – due to its unique patented design Sure, at some point, pretty much every company will implement this design, but for now, it is unique. Apart from its popularity given by the famous manufacturer, it is almost impossible to find a negative Male EDGE review, so there must be something good about it. What should you know then?

How Male EDGE Works?

How Male EDGE work

Male EDGE works on the same principle as most penis extenders. Basically, it adds some tension on your penis through traction. It stretches the penis, but without causing any pain or discomfort. Tissue cells will break down and divide into smaller cells. Not only do they multiply, but they also start growing until they reach nearby cells in size. It is a scientific explanation that no one can deny. As a direct result, the penis will be longer and thicker.

Apart from working according to some classic principles, Male EDGE is also cheaper than a surgery (which comes with many risks), but more efficient than pills or other similar rubbish. The technology is popular for over two decades ago, so there are no concerns regarding its efficiency.

How to Use Male EDGE?

Male EDGE is fully assembled – no need to do anything. The way it works is quite intuitive and there is no room for accidental mistakes. Take the front part of the rods and you will find a part that looks like a ring. This part goes on the base of the penis. If you have a large penis, you will find it difficult. However, if your penis is longer than five inches when soft and stretched, just turn the rubber strap around. If the penis is under this size, you do not have to touch it.


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Slide your penis tip through the top. Rods should be turned a bit clockwise, then pull them out to reach the ideal length. Once you have it, push them back to secure the extender. Listen for a click sound. Traction can then be adjusted by dealing with the elongation rods.

Feeling confused? It does sound a bit more sophisticated than those plastic penis extenders that you can find anywhere, but the operating principles are the same. Plus, you have a manual of instructions to help with illustrated advice.

Who Male EDGE Is for?

Male EDGE was created to help any man who wants a bigger penis – simple as that. The initial product designed by this company was created to heal the Peyronie’s disease. With this aspect in mind, Male EDGE makes a good choice if you are trying to get rid of that unwanted curvature of your penis. All in all, the extender should be used by adult males – over 18 years – only. The reason behind this specification is quite obvious. By that age, the body still develops naturally, so you should not interfere in that process. Most specialists recommend waiting until 20 years old.

When it comes to an upper age limit, there are no restrictions. If you want a bigger penis and you can handle the tension without too much discomfort, feel free to use it.

In terms of length and circumference, there are no requirements. Any man can increase the size of his penis if he is committed to the whole treatment, which will take at least a few months and will imply wearing the extender on a daily basis.

Side Effects of Male EDGE

Side effects are mild and insignificant. Most men will not experience any of them anyway. A few might feel itchy sensations due to a strange object being attached to their penises. If you have sensitive skin, you may also experience redness. However, such effects will go away within days only, as the body gets used to the device.

There are no other issues unless you fail to respect the manufacturer’s specifications. The tension should be mild and not cause any discomfort. Start wearing the extender for one hour a day and increase gradually. Do not wear it in a physically demanding job. Also, do not attempt to strangle your penis and break it apart by applying too much tension – it will not work. In fact, you risk injuring yourself.

Pros of Male EDGE

  • Package is full and includes spare parts, as well as informational DVDs.
  • Results might take a while to be obvious, but they will last forever.
  • There are no harsh, poisonous or irritating chemical ingredients in the build.
  • Easy maintenance – just toss it in the dishwasher.
  • Can also cure penises that are not perfectly straight.

Cons of Male EDGE

  • Some results might show up in a couple of weeks or a month, but the treatment takes at least three months.
  • Results vary widely from one use to another.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can circumcised men use Male EDGE?

Absolutely. In fact, it is way easier for circumcised males to use Male EDGE because they do not have a foreskin in the way.

How much do I need to wear Male EDGE?

Start with a few minutes and go gradually until you can keep it on your penis for around six hours a day. Do not attempt this from your first days, especially if you have never used a penis extender before. Also, the tension applied must be felt, but not uncomfortable. If you think keeping it on for 2 hours a day will rush the results in, you are wrong.
How long can my penis get?

It depends from one person to another. Small penises seem to grow faster, while the large ones will require more time. You can grow your penis 10% to 25% of what you have today.


Given the manufacturer’s experience and reputation, you do not necessarily need a Male EDGE review to convince yourself about the benefits of this device. It still pays off checking one Male EDGE review after another to prevent mistakes.​


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