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Bobby Rio’s Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy Review

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Make Small Talk Sexy ReviewCan’t find the honest and in-depth Conversation Escalation: How To Make Small Talk Sexy review?

Many men find talking with women they are attracted to an absolute nightmare. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there about the type of conversation that women enjoy and this can lead to information overload for many men.

On top of this there is the additional problem that many guides to flirting and talking with women involve mainstream thinking based on false assumptions. This can lead to men freezing up around women, either in person or on the phone, and not knowing how to verbally escalate a conversation out of the friend zone and into more sexually charged territory. This often leads to men failing to approach the women they find attractive, or leaving a conversation early even if they get the courage to initially approach. Make Small Talk Sexy is a solution to this problem, one that men have been crying out for.

Conversation Escalation: How To Make Small Talk Sexy is a complete solution that not only solves common problems that men have when talking to women but also opens their mind to advanced conversational tactics they never even dreamed existed. It is an incredibly comprehensive and powerful program that has a focus on practical tips and tactics and ways to implement them. It is not a fluff product that is full of obscure and complicated theory. It is instead a very usable guide to never running out of things to say with women and escaping the dreaded friend zone for good.

What Is Make Small Talk Sexy – Conversation Escalation Book All About?

One of the key premises behind this program is that for a conversation to be attractive to a woman it does not necessarily have to be super deep and meaningful and passionate. It is in fact the fun, flowing, small talk type conversations that can be used to attract women in almost any situation. Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is designed to allow men to achieve this shift in beliefs as to what is attractive to women conversationally. Much more than a mind-state shift however, Make Small Talk Sexy is full of tried and tested tactics to actually implement this principle when interacting with women for real.


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An important feature of Make Small Talk Sexy is the fact that it does not rely on simply stating ‘this type of conversation is attractive to women’, unlike many other products of this nature. Instead, it shows HOW to communicate with women using practical examples and specific practice routines. Knowing the ‘how’ rather than just the ‘what’ is invaluable and will help men achieve unprecedented success in their interactions with attractive women.

Many men who are into dating and seduction are aware of the need to build rapport with women. What a lot of guys do not know however is the way in which this is done effectively. A lot of guys fall back into the predictable and unexciting mode of interview questions. These are the same type of mundane conversational topics that any other guy in the bar or club will be using. Make Small Talk Sexy shows, with practical examples, interesting and unique ways to build genuine rapport quickly. The tactics to achieve this will be a game changer for many men.

A common problem that many guys have when talking to women is running out of things to say or failing to find the natural flow and rhythm that the best conversations have. Make Small Talk Sexy will end this problem once and for all. Using the tips contained within the program men will be able to have free-flowing conversations based around topics that are genuinely interesting to both themselves and the women they are interacting with.

Ask any guy who has sought success with women and he is likely to tell you that one of the most common and frustrating challenges in the game of dating is falling into the dreaded ‘let’s just be friends zone’. A man might be having what seems to be a good conversation with a woman and she is responding in a way which seems interested. But what the guy doesn’t know is he is actually placing himself firmly in the friend zone. The way to avoid this is to make a conversation flirtatious and sexual but many guys lack the ability to do this. Many attempts to make a conversation a bit naughty or sexual come across as creepy and weird. Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy shows simple and effective tips, with examples, on how to turn a conversational sexual in a subtle and seductive way. This is powerful and will make the friend zone a thing of the past.

Aside from the friend zone, flaking is a common problem within the dating scene. Flaking occurs when a man gets a woman’s contact details and attempts to arrange a date or meetup but she fails to respond, or agrees to meet him but then cancels. This is usually due to the woman failing to see the man as a fully fleshed out in depth human being. Make Small Talk Sexy shows how to create this feeling of warmth and familiarity in the shortest time possible.


A main advantage of Make Small Talk Sexy is the fact that it is practical rather than theory based. As interesting as the science behind attraction is, it is unlikely to be very useful in the real world. This program contains pure practical tips with examples and ways to carry them out.

Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is also an incredibly affordable program. In the past inferior programs of this nature charged hundreds of dollars, which is probably what this program is actually worth. Instead it is available for less than the cost of a decent looking shirt. It is also packed with bonus features including personalized support from the program’s creator himself. On top of this, the program comes with a full money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. They can even keep the program! This is a sign above all else that the creator of the program is absolutely certain it will provide men with the answers they are seeking and change their lives for the better.


If men are seeking some kind of deep, in-depth theory of the science behind conversation then this is not the program for them. It is very practical and designed for guys who actually want to interact with women for real rather than simply learn about the ideas behind doing so. It is for guys who are willing to implement what they learn rather than simply absorb a ton of theory that is never actually put to use. If you are unwilling to succeed with women then this is the wrong program to purchase.

Should I Buy Make Small Talk Sexy eBook?

Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is absolutely packed with absolute conversational dynamite. It is a comprehensive program that effectively solves any sticking point a guy could possibly have with interacting with women through conversation. It is a game changer that is absolutely enhanced by the practical examples it contains and the bonus content. It is also absolutely risk free due to the money back guarantee. There really is no reason for guys not to get this area of their life handled immediately. Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy is the key to unlocking a life of satisfaction and abundance.


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