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Kymmie Krieger’s Make Him Fall Head Over Heels Review

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Make Him Fall Head Over Heels ReviewMake Him Fall Head Over Heels is guideline by Kymmie Krieger who is a relationship and dating coach whose aim is to provide practical solutions to problems that couples in relationships face. Kymmie explains that one of the reasons why relationships fail is due to poor communication skills and lack of embracing and understanding each others differences. It’s a guideline that helps women get the love of their men solve their relationship issues and keep it forever.

Make him fall head over heels is a guide found online and it explains the different ways to enhance good communication, Kymmie aims at helping women understand men and different ways to make them stick with them, Kymmie teaches women that there are different ways to communicate this is, the feeling kind, the auditory type of guy and the visual guys. According to Kymmie’s Make Him Fall Head Over Heels lays emphasis on the three languages of love.

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According to Kymmie, there are different ways making the man fall head over heels.

The feeling kind of man is the man who is considered romantic and expresses what they feel, this is the kind of man that requires their woman to identify that about them, and accept that they feel loved and contented when they are allowed to express what they feel. It’s a good thing when the lady with such a man discovers that such a man follows his instincts and learns to under stands him.


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There is the auditory kind of man this is the kind of man who is a good listener’ It’s good when the woman with such a man discovers that his man takes time to digest what his lady says. It’s also important to note that this kind of a man also talks and does not mind having a lady who listens to him. While arguing with such a man it’s good to note that it’s important to ensure that one’s(the lady’s) voice is soft and calm as much as possible. This kind of man likes when conversations flow and are in synchronization.

The third language of love is the visual part is that this kind of man values when his lady dresses up to impress him and puts on some makeup, makes the surroundings clean and neat. This kind of man according to Kymmie is sensitive with looks, it’s also good to note that this kind of man values fashion sense and good looks therefore when the lady puts effort into impressing him this really pleases him and sweeps him off his feet.

These are just a few of Kymmie’s ideas and techniques to ensure your man falls head over heels in love with you and keep him always interested to know what their lady is up to.


There’s an array of benefits that come with this guide and this is evident from the many reviews online from the users online. The ease of applying the techniques given is supposedly one of the most dominant benefits of all. Some of the main pros include and not limited to the following.

Kymmie Krieger shows in his outline that his techniques are easy to understand and this is on advantage because the language used is easy and understandable.

Another advantage of Kymmie’s Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is that it does not people into doing things that they don’t believe in, his guidelines are flexible and cultural friendly this thus does not cause you to compromise one’s values.

In Kymmie’s Make Him Fall Head Over Heels line on does not use deceitful and manipulative methods to make the man fall head over heels in love with the woman, thus Kymmie’s guide line is evidently not a spell. It’s practical and acceptable by women around.

Women are encouraged to ensure that they understand the kind of language to use with their men, to ensure that they have good communication skills, and identify that not all men are same, and that people have different ways of receiving and showing love, and that there are the men who love listening and those who value visuals and those who are in touch with their feelings.

The other advantage of Make Him Fall Head Over Heels guideline was that it’s easily accessible since it’s found online this makes it easy for those with tight schedules and not able to find the hard copy books that have similar information.

You have been guaranteed two months to make him fall head over the heels by this guide. If you fail to get the promised results, you have a money back guarantee for 60 days. This guarantee also indicates how successful the guide has been in helping thousands of women across the Globe.


Despite the many advantages, there are several disadvantages that come with the guideline, one of the disadvantages is that the techniques are quite effective and powerful techniques this may make your man to get an obsession.

This obsession can of course be scary and annoying when it becomes too much, thus Kymmie’s Make Him Fall Head Over Heels cautions that women be sure that while using the techniques they should be sure that’s the man they want to spend the rest of their lives.

Another disadvantage is that being online makes it hard for those not able to access the internet, thus this may not reach all the women in need or readers in need.


Finally, the Kymmie’s Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is aimed at helping women all over to solve problems in their relationships, it’s a good guideline for women who want to ensure that their man is head over heels in love with them.

It’s also important to note that, the guidelines given by Kymmie need one to be patient and also be ready to make effort, these two factors are very important in ensuring that one makes their man fall head over heels in love with them. Therefore for those not willing to wait is advised to bail out and seek alternative means which suits one’s desires.

The other thing important to be noted is that with all the advantages there are also disadvantages and it’s therefore important to approach the Make Him Fall Head Over Heels with an open mind and ready to change.


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