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Kinetic Attraction Review

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Kinetic Attraction ReviewEver since you were a kid, learning how to get a girl you liked was a challenge. There are many how-to guides online that can give hints and tips though. People talk from their personal experiences, but what works for some guys will not work for everyone else. Plus, you’ll have to learn how to overcome your fear of rejection – the main reason that keeps men away from the women of their dreams.

Kinetic Attraction is a new program that works for everyone because it’s both individualized and generalized. How? Easy! There are multiple techniques explained in small details, so you can easily customize your technique based on your target. Second, it’s based on scientific evidence and not just some random tips from a random guy.

What makes Kinetic Attraction so handy is the fact that it’s 100% rejection proof. How? Easy! It teaches you how to become irresistible to women, so they actually make the first step. It’s not about being attractive, dressing like a gentleman or having a confident walk. Instead, it’s about triggering their animal instincts and becoming irresistible in their subconscious minds. Sounds interesting, right?

There are a few good reasons wherefore you should go through this entire Kinetic Attraction review. So, what do you need to know?

Reasons to try Kinetic Attraction

At first, the main reasons to consider Kinetic Attraction are obvious:

  • Fear of rejection
  • An awkward past full of rejections
  • Shyness
  • Lack of personal confidence

But these reasons are general, right? Most men can relate to them. Then what makes this program special?

Most importantly, it’s written by a professional. Often known as the human lie detector, Adam Lyons is not just some random guy who has discovered a magic formula. Instead, he’s a body language expert. He has been invited to CNN to prove his capabilities and underline the importance of body language. He teaches you how to use it in your favor to become attractive to the woman you want. Simply put, this is a scientific piece of paper based on biology.


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Second, whether you’re single or you fail miserably at getting attractive women, this sounds like the perfect thing to help you get back on track. It makes no difference if you want to hunt or be hunted.

The main reason wherefore more and more men turn to Kinetic Attraction is learning how to sit back and get women to approach them. Approaching a woman can be fun, but there’s also the risk of rejection – nothing wrong with that. How about skipping the embarrassment and forcing her subconscious mind to come to you?

What’s inside Kinetic Attraction

Kinetic Attractions is delivered digitally. You’ll get to a member’s area where you gain access to all the materials. You won’t have to go through one lesson at a time, but choose exactly the topic that you’re interested in. The Kinetic Attraction Method is the main part of the course. The author explains all the principles behind a woman’s subconscious mind. You learn why and – most importantly – how they work. There’s plenty of content in this section, as well as many videos. They’re thoroughly educational and guess what! You see the author applying them and succeeding with extremely attractive women!

The body language section in Kinetic Attraction is just as important. After all, that’s what the author is famous for. He sure knows what he’s talking about. Some of these techniques might seem a bit controversial or hard to implement, but that’s why the method won’t work overnight. You’ll have to practice a bit and learn how to make these signs part of your lifestyle.

Apart from all these, you gain access to a few bonuses, such as the F@#k Buddy Formula, which is easy to understand what it means – learning how to become attractive enough for a girl to have sex with you without going through conventional dating. There’s another attractive bonus – Take Her Breath Away – that explains how to attract a girl that missed you. After all, you don’t want to miss a chance, right?

The bonus on Sexual Texting is not to be overlooked either, not to mention the Conversational Confidence to help you learn how to talk to hot girls. Its main part – the 5 Conversation Killers – will wake you up. Every guy in the world will kill a conversation with a hot chick at some point or another. Learn how not to!

Finally, assuming that she’s already in bed, the Touch Her S-Spot bonus will teach you – like you have probably guessed already – how to make a woman squirt – another scientifically proven aspect. Women, just like men, can squirt when having an orgasm, yet it takes some practice to figure out how.

Does Kinetic Attraction work?

That’s the main question. And to make the answer simple – yes, it does work!

Kinetic Attraction will work even better than you can anticipate. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to get a positive response from women. Some tricks make sense. Some others don’t. Most men are afraid to try things because they think they’ll look stupid or ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that can happen? When these things come from an expert with a proven reputation, you’re more likely to try them out.

Kinetic Attraction is even better for shy and inexperienced men, not to mention those with an awkward past. When you keep getting rejected over and over again (and not even by the sexiest women around you), something is obviously wrong. You do something wrong! The situation might be even worse if you hit on women out of your league. This guide comes to fix you and your techniques.

Unsurprisingly, Kinetic Attraction works even if you’re into online dating. For example, you’ll learn how to talk to women, but also how to draw attention with a good profile picture. After all, pictures can also express a good body language.

But then, nothing is going to happen overnight. Like everything else in life, you won’t become a modern Casanova without putting in some effort. Watch the videos, learn the tricks and apply them as you go.

How to use Kinetic Attraction?

Kinetic Attraction will work wonders. It’s a scientific piece of work based on biology. It’s not a magic formula. However, it’s effectiveness also depends on how you plan to implement it. Here’s the easy way.

Most men want to become experts overnight – not going to happen. If you think you can read everything and watch all the videos in one day, then get a supermodel the next day, you’re wrong. So, how can you maximize this opportunity?

Simple! Go through one chapter at a time. The next day, try to implement what you have learned. Go through another chapter then and just add the new tips and tricks to your behavior. It will take a week or two, but slowly, slowly, you’ll getting there.

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. The more you “exercise”, the more confident you’ll be. Results will show up as you gain experience, only to boost your self-confidence.

What’s to love about Kinetic Attraction?

Kinetic Attraction is instantly available. It’s quite simple to go through – no fancy words or sophisticated scientific evidence, but just something that everyone can understand. Going through the guides will train your subconscious as you go. Tutorials are easy to absorb and feel like being injected into your mind. You’ll inevitably change your body language and the way you talk to women without even realizing it.

Another good thing about Kinetic Attraction is the fact that your goal is irrelevant. Are you looking for a hot woman to spend the night with? Are you up for a one night stand? How about a no strings attached relationship? Surprisingly enough, Kinetic Attraction is also designed for those who actually seek a relationship. Everything starts with attraction, so that’s what it teaches you. Furthermore, those who want a relationship will also learn how to keep a woman interested in them as time goes by.

Being 100% rejection proof, Kinetic Attraction helps shy men overcome the fear of rejection and end their social anxiety.

Finally, it’s based on science and biology. That says pretty much everything about it!

What’s not to love?

Well, just like all good things in life, Kinetic Attraction takes some time to work. You’ll have to learn, practice and gain experience. Hot women will come along. You’ll start with a conversation and slowly advance as you become experienced. But unlike some men’s expectations, Kinetic Attraction is not a magic formula to work overnight.


As a short final conclusion, this Kinetic Attraction review should give you all the details you need to make an informed decision. Whether you lack women in your life or you’re pretty good but you want to up your game, Kinetic Attraction has the answers. The scientific guide asks for patience and dedication, but there are no doubts about its efficiency.


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