How To Tell If You’re a Sapiophile?

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A sapiophile is essentially someone who is turned on more by a person’s wit and intelligence than by physical appearance. There are a number of signs that you might be a sapiophile, and it’s important that you know what they are. A lot of people are sapiophiles and they don’t even realize it, which is why it’s all the more important that you take the time to read this article.

1. You are an Intelligent Person Yourself
A lot of Sapiophiles are intelligent people themselves, so this is a telltale sign that you will want to keep in mind. If you consider yourself an intelligent person, you could very well fall under this category. Sapiophiles definitely have a preference for socializing with other intelligent people, and they just don’t have a lot of patience for those who they deem unintelligent.

2. You feel like you need intelligent conversation with others
Do you often crave intellectual conversations with others? If so, you could be a sapiophile. A vast majority of sapiophiles enjoy having deep and intellectually stimulating conversations on a regular basis. You probably don’t feel a very strong desire for mundane or shallow conversations with others. A lot of sapiophiles’ dates consist of intellectual conversations about science, politics, history and other things of that sort. You most likely don’t have any desire to talk about sports, the weather or fashion.

3. You are interested in people who can hold their own in a conversation
If you are a true sapiophile, chances are you are most interested in people who are able to hold their own during a conversation. You don’t want someone who is going to completely depend on you to carry the conversation, because that just doesn’t interest you at all. Sapiophiles want to be challenged intellectually, and that means conversing with people who know how to participate in a conversation at their level.

4. You like a smart sense of humor in others
The typical sapiophile looks for other people with a good sense of humor, but they must be witty. These people typically don’t like sophomoric humor because it just doesn’t appeal to their intellectual disposition. If you strongly prefer people with a deep sense of humor, you might just be a sapiophile. Juvenile humor probably doesn’t do anything for you, and penis jokes are just the worst. You want someone who will make you laugh with their witty repartee.

5. Ignorance is a Huge Turn Off
You cannot stand ignorant people who go around saying things without even knowing what they are talking about. Ignorance is definitely one of the biggest turn offs of a sapiophile. No matter how physically attractive a person might be, if they are ignorant you don’t want to spend a second more around them. You simply do not have any patience for those who are ignorant, especially people who are proud of their ignorance.

6. Poor Grammar is a Huge Annoyance
Poor grammar is something else that really gets on the nerves of those who classify themselves as sapiophiles. If a person using incorrect grammar really gets on your nerves in a major way, you could fall into this group. You don’t necessarily think that someone who uses improper grammar is stupid or a bad person, but you definitely aren’t very interested in spending much time with them. The fact is that bad grammar is one of the biggest pet peeves of sapiophiles.

7. You are more interested in what others read than their outer appearance
If you find that you are more interested in what people you meet read rather than what they wear or their outer appearance as a whole, you could be a sapiophile. Sapiophiles tend to have an intense interest in what the people they meet read, because it can help them decide just how much of an intellectual they really are. If you ask most people that you meet about which types of books they like to read, you might just fall into this group.

8. Your Ideal Partner is someone who is as smart as they are Beautiful
A lot of sapiophiles’ ideal partner is someone who is as smart as they are attractive. It’s not that sapiophiles don’t care at all about looks, it simply that they place a lot of emphasis on intelligence. Intelligence is an important quality in a partner to most people, but this is particularly true of sapiophiles.

9. You prefer to surround yourself with people who have taste
You simply prefer to be around other people who have a refined sense of taste, especially when it comes to literature, wine and the other finer things in life. You really don’t have much interest at all when it comes to interacting with tasteless plebeians. You almost always prefer to be around people who have similar tastes to yours as well.

10. You value substance over popularity
If you are indeed a genuine sapiophile, you probably tend to seek out people of substance rather than those who just want to be popular. Sapiophiles don’t really care about being popular all that much when it comes right down to it; and you want someone who feels the same way. You would probably rather be with someone who just enjoys being themselves regardless of how popular with others they are.

11. Your dates tend to be intellectually stimulating
The dates that you go on probably tend to be intellectually stimulating. You have probably gone with dates to places like art galleries, museums, planetariums and other such places. These are the kinds of places that really interest you, and there it’s where you like to go on dates with people who you are interested in. You are probably still willing to meet someone for coffee or at a bar, but it’s not your preferred social environment when getting to know people.

12. You tend to give nerdy gifts to others
Something else that a lot of sapiophiles do is give nerdy gifts to their friends and family. If you tend to give books, action figures and other nerdy type gifts to people, there is a good chance that you are in fact a sapiophile. These kinds of nerdy gifts are part and parcel of this particular group of people.

13. You value emotional intelligence just as much as intellectual intelligence
While it’s true that sapiophiles put a lot of value and emphasis on intellectual intelligence, they also tend to value emotional intelligence as well. This is to say that you will only be with someone who is skilled at discerning others’ feeling and emotions.


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