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How To Find If Your Partner Is a Catfish / Love Scammer?

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How To Find If Your Partner Is a Catfish ?
If you suspect that your partner is catfishing you, it is important that you get to the truth. There are numerous ways to confirm this, but some of them work better than others. The sad truth is that a lot of people lie about themselves to people they meet. If you are committed to finding out who your partner really is, it is important to review your options.

Tips for Catching a Cheating Partner

The following tips offer some of the most effective ways of finding out if your partner is cheating on you. The more time you take to explore these tips, the better off you are going to be.

Computer Monitoring Software
One of the more high-tech ways to catch a cheating partner is to set up software on their computer that monitors their activity. This can provide you with a definitive way to find out if they have been unfaithful. It will allow you to see every single word they type, which can be quite useful in this situation.

Look Through Their Phone
The contents of a person’s phone can usually tell you what they are really up to. If you are able to do this, it can provide you with some insight into their activities. Make sure to check their text messages, photo gallery and social media accounts.

Run a Background Check
The very best way to go about catching a cheating partner is to run a professional background check on them. This can provide you with a variety of information that will give you a better idea as to whether or not they are cheating. You will be able to find plenty of services online for this.

Best Background Check Services

If you are going to run a background check on someone, it is imperative that you use the right tool. We have listed a few of the few best services for this and what each one has to offer.

411 Background Check (visit website)
411 Background CheckThe first service on our list is 411 Background Check, which has a very positive overall reputation. It can give you everything from the person’s criminal history to their various social network accounts. You can run a check on just about anyone with their name, email address, phone number or physical address. The information is always reliable and up to date. This is by far one of the best options you have for running a background check online. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up for an account, and you’ll be glad you did.

Instant Checkmate (visit website)
Instant CheckmateIf you want to get detailed information on a person as quickly as possible, Instant Checkmate offers a great overall solution. It is one of the most highly regarded sites for these services on the internet. All you’ll need to do is just enter the person’s full name and where they live. The profiles that this site generates are easy to read and very detailed. You can search for criminal records if you suspect they have ever been convicted of a crime. This is a very effective way to tell if the person you are with is who you think they are.

BeenVerified (visit website)
BeenVerifiedBeenVerified has helped over one million people to run comprehensive background searches, so it is worth looking into. This particular service makes it easy to find the exact information you want on a certain person. You will have the option to search by phone number, address, or email. The whole process of locating the person and getting a profile on them is very quick. You can expect to get a full report within 20 minutes or so of performing the initial search. This is pretty good when you consider what some of the other sites offer.

Spokeo (visit website)
SpokeoSpokeo is another website that has a lot to offer when it comes to running a background search on your partner. It can give you detailed reports that will tell you a lot about the person you are with. There is a chance that you may discover some things you never even knew. Part of what makes this site unique is how huge its overall database is. This service pulls public records, social network information and white pages listings. You should have no problem finding what you need with this website.

TruthFinder (visit website)
TruthFinderThis website offers a variety of public record information and even a “Deep Web Scan” option to pull even more details on the person you search for. This is by far one of the most comprehensive background check services on the internet. It offers a toll free number that you can call at any time for assistance. Just create your account and get started searching.

PublicSeek (visit website)
PublicSeekWhen you want to get down to the truth about your partner, PublicSeek is one website that can be of great help. The background check tool this site offers will allow you to get all sorts of information without delay. It always provides you with reliable data that you can count on. Every single report this site generates gives you in depth details to satisfy your needs. You will first have to create an account, which doesn’t take very long at all. After you have done that you can begin your search with the person’s name, phone number, address or email.


When you want to find out if the person you are romantically involved with is catfishing, there are lots of options available. Running a background check is still the best way to accomplish this. We highly recommend that you take as much time as necessary to look over the services listed in this article before making a final decision. In the end you will be glad you took the time to do this. The information that you get from these sites can help you reveal the person you are with for who they truly are. While you might have to pay a small fee, it is well worth it for getting down to the truth.


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