How to Find Her G-Spot Quickly?

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While the g-spot might seem like some mystery beyond comprehension to most guys, the truth is that it’s actually not all that confusing or difficult to understand. It is extremely important that you learn as much as possible about the g-spot so that you can pleasure the girls you are with in a big way. If you want the girls you have sex with to orgasm multiple times when they are with you, it is essential that you get this information right away. The more the girl enjoys having sex with you, the more likely she will be to want to do it again!

What is the G-spot?

Many guys are embarrassed to admit that they don’t even really know exactly what the g-spot is with regards to women. The g-spot is simply a very sensitive area that is found inside the front wall of the vagina. When this very particular area is stimulated, it can bring a woman to orgasm very quickly.

What is special about the G-spot?

There are a number of things that make the g-spot particularly special, including the fact that it is different from the clitoris and can produce a far more intense orgasm than a woman usually experiences. The g-spot can actually produce a very unique feeling orgasm. This is because the prostate has a difference nerve than the clitoris, so it therefore creates a unique orgasmic sensation. This is a much deeper feeling that the girl you are having sex with will really enjoy quite a bit, but only if you know how to reach it.

Getting started with finding the G-spot

>You will first need to make sure that your hands are completely clean and your fingernails trimmed, considering you are going to be putting up into a very sensitive place. If you want the girl you are with to get the most out of the experience in terms of sheer pleasure, it is important that you make a point of taking care of yourself first. Because of the tucked away position the g-spot is in, fingers are most effective when it comes to finding and stimulating it. Foreplay is an extremely important part of sex, and you might just be surprised at how effective they can be.

Make sure that you are kissing your partner’s lips and caressing her body while you are working your magic with your fingers. The g-spot is made up of tissue that swells when it becomes aroused. If the girl is already turned on, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to find the g-spot and please her.

Even if your partner happens to be moist from foreplay, just a few drops of lubricant can make all the difference when it comes to making her feel very comfortable. The g-spot is approximately 2 inches within the vagina, and it’s located on the top side of the vaginal wall. If the girl you are with is on her back and put your finger in with your palm facing upwards, the top side of her vagina is the area you will touch by simply curling your finger up.

What exactly you need to do

You would never jam your penis into her vagina with a single movement, so you therefore shouldn’t do the same with your finger when trying to stimulate her g-spot. Make sure that you aren’t too rough or aggressive, because if you are it won’t feel very good for her at all. If you begin to feel a ribbed or textured area, you are on the right track.

You will definitely know that you have found this area inside the vagina because it will feel like a bean-shaped bump. The g-spot also tends to have more of a texture than the surrounding tissue, so it is pretty easy identify from touch alone.

It’s also very important for you to watch and listen to the girl you are with to make sure that she is thoroughly enjoying the experience. Stroke her g-spot in a rhythmic motion, changing up your speed and the amount of pressure you apply throughout. She will definitely appreciate the variation to say the least. If she isn’t providing you with any sort of feedback, you will want to avoid picking up the pace or increasing the amount of pressure you are using. Keep in mind that there is a chance she won’t enjoy it, but most girls do.

Advanced Moves

There are some rather advanced g-spot moves that you can try out to send her into fits of ecstasy once you have mastered the basics. These moves can really get her toes curling, and she will do anything you want afterwards. Use your hand to gently press on her belly just above where her pubic hair begins. Applying soft pressure on the outside of her body can actually help stimulate the g-spot even more.

Once you have gotten your fingers going inside of her, try some rear-entry positions like doggy style to make the experience even more intense for her. You will want to make sure that she is on all fours with her backed arched slightly instead of lying flat on the bed. You can try lifting her hips and thrusting in a downward motion so your penis can rub the front wall of her vagina with ease. These movements can really give her quite a bit of pleasure, and you’ll leave her begging for more!

There is the “modified doggy style” position, which can be especially effective when it comes to hitting her g-spot just right. You will want to start off in doggy style, having him enter you from behind. Slowly lower her down until she is flat on her stomach. This position hits all the right angles, and it can work wonders when it comes to making her squirt and scream with pleasure.

Lube up

It is incredibly important that you use lots of lube when trying to hit her g-spot. Even if she gets extremely wet, it’s definitely a good idea to use lots of lubrication. Whether you are using your fingers or penis to hit her g-spot, always remember to apply a liberal amount of lube before going in. This will make her feel more comfortable, which in turn will increase your chances of bringing her intense fits of pleasure that no man before you has.

Recognizing the g-spot orgasm

You will definitely know when you have hit a girl’s g-spot, because she will moan and scream with pleasure in a way that you have never heard from her before. You can also tell if you’ve hit the g-spot if you feel the vagina’s walls squeeze your finger while you are stimulating her. Place another finger up her anus and feel that squeeze right before she climaxes. Either way, you can ask her about it after she finishes so you will know how to prepare for next time.

Using your tongue

While it’s true that you cannot stimulate a girl’s g-spot with your tongue, eating her out while stimulating her digitally can intensify the experience tenfold. It is important that you know how to work your tongue in her pussy though, because otherwise it could have the exact opposite effect. Every guy should know how to make a girl squirm and scream in pleasure just by using their tongue. Your tongue can be very effective when it comes to getting her to the point of unbelievable pleasure, so you will need to know how to use it properly. There is nothing quite like some good oral sex to add to the pleasure of g-spot stimulation for her.

Pay attention to the signs

One of the best tips you can follow when it comes to giving girls incredible g-spot orgasms is to pay attention to what their bodies are doing. If she is getting soaking wet and moaning like hell, you are obviously doing something right. But if she isn’t making much noise or seems restless at all, you are probably doing something wrong. You should have different techniques and methods to use to get her to cum so that if one doesn’t work you can always switch to another. Not all girls respond to the same thing in the bedroom, so you will therefore need to have a backup plan at all times. This way you will never have to worry about her being dissatisfied with the experience at all.


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