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Friend Finder Review (UPDATED in 2021)

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Friend Finder Review
Friend Finder is an option that throws its hat into the online dating ring, but one unique attribute about their site and app is that it is one of the few that has numerous languages. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and of course, English are a couple of the choices for potential members.

This allows them to cast a wider net in user acquisition, which makes it more beneficial for people to find a connection since the probability increases. Friend Finder is part of a larger network of sites that all incorporate meeting new people, but the angles vary depending on which branch it is.

For example, Friend Finder has more of a classic dating website feel, and does not rely on promoting hookups or intimate encounters. Instead, it goes the way of discovering your soulmate, and hopefully creating a relationship that endures. It also encourages sparking up fresh friendships, as the dating scene is not for everyone. This is a difference from competitors in an of itself because most alternatives desire their members to find love in order to boost the site’s success rate, and thus, overall popularity. Friend Finder is free to join, and comes with a standard process to make your profile live and start conversing with other members.

What Types Of People Can Get The Most Out Of Friend Finder?

Since Friend Finder does not skew to mature content, the reality of its services is that it is really intended for people seeking an honest connection with a partner. Of course adult hookups are not frowned upon, but they are largely ignored in the promotion of the site. The clientele of Friend Finder leans toward youth, but that does not mean there are minimal amounts of older users. If you are of legal age to join, the range goes all the way up to senior. The layout may be a bit intimidating for members that like a more simple interface, however one upside is that you are not bombarded by quizzes and compatibility tests like other dating hubs. Matching is important on this network, but it is not what runs the show by a long shot.


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If you are in the boat of strictly wanting to join to engage in sexual encounters, you are better served using other sites on Friend Finder’s network that have a mature angle. This site invokes a non-aggressive way to communicate with others with little to no pressure.

Joining The Site

Beginning on Friend Finder is a quick exercise, as they only have 5 parameters of registration. Initially, visitors choose their sex and the gender(s) they are hoping to meet. From there, birth date, country and zip code are essential. Friend Finder does not acquire this information for personal gain, but rather to calibrate its algorithm to organize individuals in the areas nearest you. After entering in your email, you are guided to create a profile. This step is emphasized and should not be skipped over if visitors are truly serious about making a connection. From here you are able to browse locals, even being given how many miles away from you they are by your previously entered zip code. This is a valuable tool as statistically more people are successful meeting a friend or lover when the proximity is closer to where they reside.

Searching For People

Browsing Friend Finder seems like you are getting back a lot of information at first, but is easy to get the hang of. It does not have a ‘less is more’ approach to what queries show up from your interests, so those who want just a profile picture and name may be out of their element. Before actually clicking on a select profile, the list of members brought back all have various components designed to inform whoever made the search. For example, while browsing, you are able to see the age, avatar picture, city and state (depending on the country), and when that user last logged in. Additionally, there is an envelope on both the app and site that allow you to message someone directly from a search, instead of going directly to the profile page. Visitors also have the capability to hotlist them or add friend.


The profiles on Friend Finder can be as busy and packed with personality traits as the user desires. Standard things like mentioning what you are looking for help you not get placed in searches for other members you do not associate with. For example, if you are only interested in making a connection with women, this should be specified, otherwise you will be grouped into results you do not want to. Pictures are the single most vital attribute of the profile, with the more you can upload, the better. Keeping them updated and of clear quality aid in your chances of finding a partner greatly.

What Is Hotlist?

A hotlist is one of several ways Friend Finder gives its users to organize the profiles that most interest them. They are also a matter of convenience. When you hotlist a member, they are remembered on your homepage and placed in its own section so you can navigate to them later with ease. More importantly than that, hotlisting someone notifies you when they are online, so you have a much better chance at communicating. Hotlisting is effortless to manage, and removing someone with the click of a mouse of a tap on the phone is just as easy as adding someone.

What Is Add Friend?

Adding a friend on this network is similar to hotlisting, but differs in the sense that it grants you more access to a user’s information. Essentially it is another way to connect, but there is a bit more trust involved since both parties are ‘agreeing’ to be friends. Hotlisting is not like this, as users can add anyone at will, but this is not necessarily always reciprocated on the other end. Removing friends you’ve lost interest in for whatever reason can also be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

What Is Last Visit?

The information last visit provides its users is telling those that may be interested in them when the last time was they accessed the app or site. This is critical information, because it stands to reason you will have a much lower chance of meeting up with someone that has not been online for the past 3 months. It is particularly helpful when last visit lets you know that a person is currently online, or has been in the last 24 hours. You can also use this as a search parameter when sifting through profiles to guarantee you aren’t wasting your time attempting to chat with someone that has not been around in several days or weeks.


Friend Finder has a very solid system in place to keep members fully attuned to what is going on at all times. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. Beyond just showing you who is online at any given time and how many people are live on the site, you are also told who the most active members are. It goes without saying that those who actively use the site are a great place to start if you are eager to converse. Moreover, members are also told when users that interest them have added new photos. Friend Finder is sort of like a weather channel of dating sites, granting you constant updates so you always know who is around and whether or not they are contributing to the network. The community allows webcam chatting as well for those who would like the experience to be a bit more personal.


Friend Finder is a solid foundation for building love and friendship, built from the ground up through a reliable search algorithm, pertinent profiles matched to your desires, and a steady stream of updates constantly keeping you abreast as to who is doing what on the site, and when. Because of this, it is a worthy contributor in the world of online dating.


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