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Fertility Unleashed Review

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Fertility Unleashed ReviewAre you facing troubles to fall pregnant? Have you been trying for what seems to be an eternity to become a mother? Well don’t be disheartened, you are not the only one facing this problem. There are hundreds of thousands of women out there who are trying to find a solution for the same problem you face. Many of these helpless women have indeed found a way to counter infertility through natural ways and brought a child into this world just the way nature intended it to happen. And this has been done without using any kind of drugs or without undergoing any surgery.

Fertility Unleashed is one such revolutionary program designed by Sarah Tanner which helps women like you in fighting infertility and also assists you in sustaining a healthy pregnancy. This has been a boon to many women who faced problems with fertility or worse, failing a pregnancy by not taking appropriate care. Let’s have a look of how Fertility Unleashed by Sarah Tanner has made the impossible, possible.

First things first: Who is Sarah Tanner?
The author of the ebook, Fertility Unleashed is Sarah Tanner, a 44-year-old woman who has been declared clinically infertile. Her own doctor mocked at her by proclaiming that she has a brighter chance of winning a lottery than giving birth to a child. But she has not lost faith even when the odds were against her. She stunned the medical world by giving birth to not just 1 or 2 but to three healthy children, and all this in a mere gap of 4 years. How did she do it? Well, that’s what the book is all about!


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About Fertility Unleashed:
Fertility Unleashed is an explanatory ebook written by Sarah Tanner. The book contains information pertaining to various methods and techniques to boost fertility in females and combines them in such a way that then the chance of fertility is maximized. There are several books out in the market and what makes Fertility Unleashed unique among them is the way the book speaks about the human body functions normally and a man and a woman can follow natural methods and techniques to be able to produce a child successfully. The book has been brought to the stores after 14 years of extensive research and over 5 years of trials and is surely the ultimate guide that woman with infertility can count upon.

Details of the product:

  • The first part of the course teaches you to create a wholesome diet that supports the pregnancy. It also includes the foods that you should avoid and the best foods that you should eat in order to conceive. You will also find details of a natural hormone supplement that you should definitely be taking in order to fight infertility strongly.
  • Next, you get to discover the perfect time for conception. This also includes the signs of fertility that your body might be displaying and you need to look for. A method to determine whether you are in your fertility window or when you will enter it has also been included.
  • One of the fascinating chapters in the book focuses on the well-known Chinese therapies of acupuncture that aids you in your fight with infertility. It also includes fully labeled diagrams and clear instructions so that you are saved from the pain of visiting an expensive acupuncturist. The details of Chinese herbs that improve your chances of pregnancy have also been included int his section.

Who will Benefit the most from Fertility Unleashed:

Fertility Unleashed will appeal the most to females who desperately want to become pregnant and more importantly, to those who have not managed to conceive yet. But it is also ideal for those who have already been pregnant but failed to reach the end of the journey. You might have suffered miscarriages, or have been asked to opt for IVF as the only possible alternative to becoming pregnant. But the way Fertility Unleashed is designed helps you even if you have opted for the IVF route. This is because the advice offered in the book get your body to be in best possible shape for pregnancy which means that you are more likely to fall pregnant by following the book, than if you don’t.

And the best part – it also covers the most overlooked problems of infertility in males. Just because the women bear the pregnancy doesn’t mean that they are have something troublesome. The book also contains lots of information that can enhance the chance of his swimmers reaching their target and you end up with the immense joy that you have been desperately desiring for.


  • The techniques that have been mentioned in the book are proven clinically to reverse infertility.
  • It has a huge success rate of over 88% and has worked for women all over the world.
  • It is helpful not only to the ones trying to get pregnant but also to the ones who have already started their journey of pregnancy.
  • The methods are natural and boost the body from within by making small changes in your lifestyle and diet.
  • It contains no drugs whatsoever that can harm you or put you at risk.

The results are not instantaneous. It might take as long as 3 months for you to conceive, but that should not be a problem as long as your target is achieving motherhood.

Final Verdict:

Fertility Unleashed is the only ebook that has been composed by a woman who was not just a simple author but has been a sufferer once. She is a testimony herself that whatever method the book presents is worth its salt. So, why struggle with other programs that might/might not work when you have a completely perfect program with the author being the prime example. What are you waiting for? You too can become pregnant and it is just a matter of 10 months before you can experience the ultimate joy of having your baby in your arms. No more struggles trying to get pregnant, the solution has been found and all you need to do is just follow it.


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  1. OMG! I can’t believe a doctor would find it funny to say that lottery remark to a woman trying to have a child! I would have slapped that guy and maybe even sue him! What a scumbag! I can’t wait to read the book and see how Sarah dealt with this. I really want to have a child of my own even if the doctors say it may not be possible. Even if it isn’t I still want to try out some things and see for myself. Who knows? Maybe it will be possible.

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