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EzHookups Review – The Best Hookup Site in 2021?

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ezhookups reviewIn a world where more and more people ditch the benefits of a relationship over the benefits of casual sex, choosing the right website to make your dreams come true can be tricky. Sure, no one can deny the aspects that make a relationship beautiful, but there are many situations when you simply do not want one. You just want the sex – fair enough! This EzHookups review will reveal everything you need to know about this website, as well as the factors that make it such a reliable option for casual hookups.

Registration and Interface

The registration is fairly simple. In fact, you will not be able to do anything until you register. It is free and you are only asked for a few basic details. You can go online and check EzHookups for free. Obviously, you cannot really get laid with a free account. This option allows you to take a look around and figure whether it is worth it.

The interface is quite simple and intuitive. You have a main menu on the left side, as well as some basics in the middle of the page – online members, girls on cam, member videos, featured members and so on. They all come with thumbnails. As for the main menu, EzHookups works like a social network. You can check your friends or connections, see local matches, read and send messages, check out the new members and others. Account options are available in the same menu.


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Given its social network appearance, some notifications will pop up on the bottom of the screen, as well as the top of the page. The top has alerts (notifications), messages and a search function.

Trials and Subscriptions

Unfortunately, EzHookups does not offer a free trial at the moment (it might change, so better check upfront), so you have no idea what is in there unless you actually sign up. There were some free trials given away overtime though. But then, do you really need one? Registering for free gives you access to everything, except for the main features to get laid, such as communication. Simply put, the free account is limited to searching, seeing who is online, viewing live cam models and so on. You can also find out if there are any prospects in your area. If everything looks fine, you can upgrade then.

Upgrading gives you a few options – the premium upgrade that unlocks everything, as well as an extra bonus special offer. Once upgraded, you can perform unlimited searches, send and receive messages, view all profiles, full size pictures, free cam shows and many others.

Features and Extras

Apart from most of the features you might find on a social network (apart from tagging your contacts, for example), almost every EzHookups review will mention the beneficial feature to find local matches. These matches are found based on your profile and preferences. They are local, so you will not have to travel. Simply put, EzHookups does most of the work for you.

Seeing who is on a live cam is yet another good feature if you are home alone looking for some entertainment. Check out the hottest members based on users’ ratings, as well as the newbies who have just registered.

While marketed as bonuses, the extras come in handy for some fun – chat rooms, message boards, a few games and some adult content. Simply put, everything about this website relates to sex and casual hookups. No one on this website wants a relationship – it is a worship point for horny users all over the world.

Who EzHookups Is for

EzHookups is ideal for both men and women of all ages. It has something for everyone. Basically, this website is excellent if you are looking for casual sex without the complications associated with a relationship. Whether you have just gotten out of one or you are too busy working, the necessity of casual sex is quite hard to ignore. This is when EzHookups kick in to make your life easier.

While meeting the same person over and over again for sex might actually lead to a relationship, the truth is this website has a completely different purpose – search, like, meet, have sex and move on. Most people using it will never put out the stories of their lives, but just whatever they find right for casual sex.

What Is to Like about EzHookups

The social network style makes EzHookups a hit. If you have used Facebook before, it works pretty much the same. The only difference is that you have some extras that relate to sex and porn. Other than that, you can add friends, respond to friend requests, get notifications and messages. Even the colors are quite similar, so your experience is extremely user friendly. Plus, you gain access to hours of entertainment – different from those swiping applications.

The free registration is another plus because you do not have to spend any money to see what is inside or to check if there are any prospects in your area. You can do all these for free after a 30 second registration.

What Is not to Like about EzHookups

The free account is quite limited in terms of features, but at least it works like a free trial. You gain some insights into what is inside.

On another note, just like every other dating website, this one has a decent amount of fake profiles. It is not hard to tell who is real and who is not though.

  • Easy registration
  • Straightforward interface
  • Feels like a social network
  • Finds local matches
  • Lots of extra adult content
  • Limited free account

As a short final conclusion, this EzHookups review should tell you everything you need to know about the reputable dating website. While often advertised as a dating portal, it is not necessarily about dating. In fact, it is about casual sex. Sure, you can have a drink before to get to know your partner better, but everyone knows where this is going.


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  1. I’m going to agree to disagree. This site is most safe yes, but like most other sites full of fake profiles designed to get you to give them money with nothing go show in return.

    I’d love to see your criteria for rating this site as features, value and easy to use are completely bogus. The chat feature for example is infested with “models” and “escorts” who you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for.

    Example: one woman reached out to me and we chatted for a bit. During the conversation she informs me that she is an “escort” and requires an $850 payment before we could “meet” for 2 hours.

    Another example: if you get women sending you chat messages providing “cell phone numbers” and or “hangouts emails” do not message them. I did so you dont have too. They are “models” working for some “modeling agency” in the Philippines that requires you to send various amounts of cash through moneygram to their “boss” to meet.

    A true hookup with a real person does NOT require the use of any of these. If you click then you could text each other, but as soon as they mention “model” run…its a scam.

    Also the alot of “girls” who message you on this site phish for information while never providing any in return. This is the red flag sign of another potential scam/con artist. Keep your distance.

    So in conclusion if you pay for this site, you are most definitely NOT getting value out of this site unless you enjoy talking to scam artists while do this for a living.

    Popularity is another question I wanna ask the author of this post as there is no way to actually see true numbers of people.

    Safety is good so long as you do NOT provide critical information like home address and banking information.

    And the features seem to benefit the people designed to get your money out of your pocket and into theirs. Also most of your chat requests if they’re not from “models” or “escorts” are from cam girls wanting you to pay to watch them. So again I urge you to save your money.

    Author either wrote this a long time ago or works for the website company

  2. Bruce Brown Reply

    Thank you Joshua. The first thing I do now is look at the terms and conditions and if it says some profiles are computer messages or fake profiles then the site is just as you have described. You are right that the author is on the take somehow. These sites should be banned but on the internet that is impossible. One site I was on had a system where you paid for so many messages but the messages that you sent were limited in the number of words you could type. So to talk a lot you paid a lot. My advice? Do what Joshua says. Stay away from these sites. If it sounds too good to be true then it most definitely is. Back to the drawing board, I am afraid. Bruce

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