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Ex Recovery System Review

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Ex Recovery System ReviewIf you have recently separated with your ex and you are looking for simple solution to save your relationship and get him or her back, then it’s high time you try an Ex Recovery System by Ashley Kay.

Although there are many products in the market today that promises to assist you get your ex back, Ex Recovery System is a different product all together. This is because the product provides you with comprehensive step-by-step blueprints of what to do to get your ex back, how to do it and when to do it.

Created and introduced by Ashley Kay who is a prominent relationship expert, the Ex Recovery System is a complete set of different coaching program, exclusive forums, video tutorials and e-books that are specifically designed to assist both men and women who want to get their ex back after they have separated.

Sadly, for many individuals it is not a simple thing to accept the breakup and move on with their life. This is especially if the feeling for that person is deeply embedded in their heart. Such individuals in the long run suffer from psychological torture which could result to depression, stress and other ailments such as ulcers. Ashley clearly understands this feeling and the first thing she teaches in her program is the most effective and proper ways to deal with the situation after losing a boyfriend or girlfriend. After clearly understanding the point of effectively dealing with the situation to prevent incidences of depression and stress, the Ex Recovery System moves a step ahead and provides you with step-by-step tools and strategies to win the heart of your ex again.

Ex Recovery System Details

Ex Recovery System is basically made of two versions; an edition of Get Her Back and an edition of Get Him Back. However, both versions essentially follow a similar program flow and discuss the same subject matter. In order to understand better and to assist the users to synthesis all the provided information without boredom, Ashley has divided both versions of Ex Recovery System into 4 main sections. Let’s evaluate the sections in summary.


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Section 1: Understanding and Analysis
In this section, Ashley provides all possible reasons that result to relationship failure. In addition, the section provides the probable underlying issues which could have instigated your ex to leave you. The main goal of understanding and analysis section is to assist you figure out the answers to your questions as to why your ex left you. This is important since once your ex says “I don’t feel the same at all” or “it’s over”, you will immediately begin asking yourself questions and wondering why. Fortunately, with this section, you will be able to determine the possible or actual reasons as to why your ex chooses to end the relationship with you. Once you are through with understanding and analysis section and you have figured out the possible reasons, you will be ready for the next section.

Section 2: Getting Your Feelings or Emotions in Order
This particular section of Ex Recovery System provides helpful and effective suggestions on how to effectively cope up from the misery you felt after the separation. Ashley in this section reminds you not to forget that the main goal of the entire process is getting your ex back. For this reason, if you will be able to control your feelings, you will effectively be able to return to your normal way of living and have a golden chance to win the heart of your ex. In addition, the section comes with simple quiz which allow you to evaluate your feelings and determine whether you are fully prepared to create an effective plan that will get your ex back.

Section 3: Create an Effective Plan
In this section, Ashley Kay provides important elements of winning your ex back. The section provides correct tools that will help you in creating an effective plan of getting back your ex. What is so crucial about this section is that the author has designed it in such a way that you will have the ability to design a customized plan that is directed towards your unique situation.

Section 4: Taking Action
Of all the sections in the Ex Recovery System, this last section is the most crucial aspect of your aim to win back your ex. The taking action section is divided into 4 various subsections which are specifically formulated in such a way that you will have a better understanding of the basic actions needed to be taken to get your ex back. These sub-sections are:

  • The way to make your ex to start commitment
  • The other person involved in the relationship life of your ex
  • Trying to build up to win back your ex
  • The right time to start contact

Through the subsections, you will learn about the process of re-attraction through indirect or direct methods. The method to use to attract back your ex will however depend whether you are in contact with your ex or not. If you need to be in contact with your ex through a letter, the Ex Recovery System provides tips and templates to use when writing the letter.


  • It is a unique counseling program that comes with a very unique coaching program on how to get your ex back. Every customer interested in Ashley program will have a chance to get free access to the coaching program. Within the program, you will have an access to view all video tutorials, have a chance to join community forums and obtain non-stop client support.
  • Ex Recovery System is a customized program and not a general one. The program provides unique action plan and how to customized the plan for your unique situation
  • It is an interactive program that provides test and quizzes to evaluate yourselves whether you are making any progress
  • Suitable for both men and women since it is a two version program
  • Provides comprehensive step-by-step blueprints on how to get your ex back within 30 days


  • Although the program is a 30-day plan, the comprehensive steps provided are not time-based. This can confuse the users as they are not able to determine the specific time to move to the next phase
  • The quizzes and tests at the end of certain sections provide little in terms of practicality and substance
  • The program is expensive

Ex Recovery System by Ashley Kay is not a quick fix program but stresses on how to first understand the core problem within the relationship before attempting to restore it. In addition, the program puts breakups into proper perspective and provides tips that keep your emotions and feelings in check. Furthermore, the program provides comprehensive step-by-step blueprints on how to get your ex back and prevent anything disastrous that could damage your relationship in future. This makes it a program worth trying.


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