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Dr. Amend’s Pheromone Advantage Review

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Pheromone Advantage ReviewMany people especially single men and women always try to look for a way of attracting their opposite sex. It is never that easy but the good news is here. Pheromone Advantage amplifies a person’s appeal to opposite sex and can even intimidate some people from the same sex by simply spritzing some spray. It has been found that this product triggers attractions and emotions with people unaware that they are being attracted by pheromones. Pheromones are usually in two parts, the one for attracting men and the other for attracting women. Pheromone Advantage makes you more confident and by so doing, women become interested and attracted to you with much respect.

Pheromone Advantage Details

Pheromone Advantage is an odorless product but it is very effective in triggering sexual feelings on women and they cannot ignore the feeling. When you apply this product, it should be able to work within six to twelve hours from that time of application.

It is Unscented

Pheromone Advantage, unlike other perfumes and cologne is totally unscented. It has no smell or fragrance and it is virtually odorless. This gives you a chance to wear it with your favorite perfume, essential oil or cologne.

It is Water Soluble

As opposed to other pheromones products that are strictly made of alcohol and evaporate almost immediately upon application, Pheromone Advantage is 90 percent water soluble solution and 10 percent alcohol. It is also designed to diffuse evenly and to be effective through 12 to 24 hours.

It is Three-In-One

Pheromone Advantage delicately and synergistically combines all the three powerful human pheromones that are known to be the most effective in stimulating sexual urges and attractions. The pheromone formulation does not leave anything to chance since it is the best at activating VNO and the olfactory glands in every way possible.

It is Lab Grade Pheromones Made

The product is made of human synthetic pheromones which are 98 percent pure and this makes it to be of the highest quality. This also makes the pheromones to be bio-safe and are the same as those pheromones produced by the body. In fact, these pheromones are even advantageous because they are not derived from live tissues.

It has a Concentration of 29.5ml per Bottle

Pheromone Advantage is different from other true human pheromones that are insufficiently concentrated. This product is formulated to specifically emit effective levels of the three pheromones for a period of 12 to 24 hours after the application. Actually, this is the maximum concentration you can ever find.


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How to Use Pheromone Advantage?

For optimal effects of this pheromone, it is advisable that you use it directly on the exposed surfaces of your skin. This may include the back of your neck and the forearms. This means that the pheromones shall be evaporating into the air throughout a whole day! You only need to use this pheromones once in a day and at first, it is advisable that you use it sparingly so as to gauge its effectiveness. You don’t need to fear about the pheromones staining your clothes because it is not oil but rather a water soluble solution. You also need to apply the pheromones after bathing because you will have washed them away since they are water soluble solution.


The fact that pheromones are odorless and cannot be detected by scent does not mean that it has no advantage at all. In fact, this in itself is an advantage because it makes it possible to wear the pheromone with your favorite perfumes or body spray. Pheromone Advantage can make a man that you had previously met to get attracted to you by making him show more interest to you. With this pheromone, a woman has a chance to get the most amazing relationship that she has ever dreamt of. If you want to get the perfect life mate, then try using Pheromone Advantage. The following are some of the advantages of the product.

It Makes You Attractive

This product gives you the ability to attract, capture the heart and seduce a man that you want by its powerful alluring Love Factor.’ As a lady, this Pheromone makes you totally irresistible and attractive to all men. This helps you in getting the best and most amazing relationship you have ever dreamt of.

It Puts You in Control

With the pheromone, you are in a position to control the outcome of the relationship that you choose to have with a man. You get all the satisfaction by watching the man fall by himself as he becomes addicted to you literally.

It Increases Your Self-Esteem

This pheromone advantage increases your confidence as you talk to women. Those women whom you met before will now start showing you more interest and you will see this product lingering attention, eye contact and smiles with all women.

Great Personal Guarantee

When you buy the product, you have a personal guarantee of six months which works for you and your money back.

It can be Worn with Any Favorite Perfume

The fact that the product is unscented makes it possible for you to wear it with your favorite perfume or spray. This also makes no one know that you are wearing it and you are the only one who can tell them that you are wearing it.

It Comes in Affordable Prices

The product is usually very affordable since the prices are very fair. This means that it is accessible to all people and not only high-class persons.

It Makes You Respectable

The Pheromone Advantage makes you very comfortable and you will see many people showing you respect as a user.

It is Medically Approved

This product is medically approved and it is made by a professional doctor. This means that you can always be sure that you are using a right and safe thing.


Everything that has advantages must have disadvantages as well and this is what makes all things normal. This product has only one disadvantage in that you cannot find it in any store but it is only available online. Actually, this is advantageous because you do not need to waste your time to move around looking for the pheromone but instead make an order and wait it come!


It is important to note that the Pheromone Advantage has a vital role in natural mating instincts both for women and men. This means that these pheromones helps in making babies hence building up families. As you begin using this product, you will realize that your loins and emotions are filling with absolute excitement and rapture. This makes you have a feeling that you cannot wait the evening unfold for that romantic hour and you will become irresistible to all men. Since both men and women respond to different types of pheromones, the product has been developed in different types. One type for the attraction of men and the other type for the attraction of women. So the product is available for everybody, both young and old, men and women.


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