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Dean Cortez’s Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review

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Automatic Sexual Chemistry ReviewAutomatic Sexual Chemistry can be basically described as a program specifically developed to help men learn and master the art of seduction. Created and tested by Dean Cortez: an expert in the art of seduction, the main concept behind Automatic Sexual Chemistry program is that ‘everyone has the power to seduce and make any woman fall in love. All you have to do is learn and perfect the art of seduction’.

The seduction guide uses a highly structured and somehow technical approach to picking up women. The system incorporated as part of the guide is largely based on using the mystery technique for picking up women but has been somehow refined and updated to come up with a somewhat unique art of seduction.

Automatic Sexual Chemistry PDF Details

The program consists of 6 modules in which Dean Cortez interviews Jon Sinn: Jon Sinn is one of the most renowned PUA (pick-up artist). The program follows a linear progression model in which one learns the different steps that must be followed so as to get a woman to bed. It is important to note that, the main focus of this product is on how to get a woman to bed and as such if you are looking for something to help you develop a long-term relationship, you might need to put in some extra effort of your own after achieving the primary focus

This product is best suited for individuals who like a structured approach for meeting women and are more interested in casual dating rather than long term relationships. The guide focuses more on making use of psychological principles so as to make a woman feel more attracted to you and by doing so, create sexual chemistry between the two of you

Automatic Sexual Chemistry is a very informative guide as it will not only help you know the various methods used to attract women but will also help you know what makes these steps work and what effect do they have on a woman when applied


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The most common problem a majority of men when it comes to seducing a woman is that a vast majority do not have a structured technique and as a result, they tend to try out different techniques in the hope that a woman might fall for one of them. Women are turned off by inexperience which often portrays a lack of self-confidence. By using the Automatic Sexual Chemistry Guide to create sexual chemistry, an individual is assured of much better chances

Program Overview

As mentioned earlier, the Automatic Sexual Chemistry guide is made up of six main steps. The following is a brief overview on what these steps entail:

Step 1: How to control your anxiety

Even for the most experienced seducers, a feeling of anxiety is quite common when approaching a woman and in most instances, it can be easily confused with low self-esteem. According to the Automatic Sexual Chemistry guide, anxiety is strictly connected to the brain and by rewiring your train of thoughts and how you perceive certain situations, you can be able to not only eliminate the anxiety associated with approaching a woman but also significantly increase your confidence level

Step 2: How to use the right techniques and ice breakers

After overcoming mental anxiety and actually approaching a woman, breaking the ice and starting an engaging conversation is usually the next step and as a norm is considered as one of the most important steps: and for good cause. However for a majority of people, this step often proves their undoing as in most instances, they might come across as boring or worse still, creepy

The Automatic Sexual Chemistry guide provides you with a number of effective ice breakers that can help you pick up women in literally every scenario; be it on the street, perhaps a night club, restaurant and even a coffee shop. The guide also gives tips on how to move on to different topics while appearing cool and composed. The main aim for this stage of the seduction plan is to appear fun and interesting so as to make the woman want to know you better and desire to keep talking to you: desire being the keyword

Step 3: How to help her feel relaxed around you

This is an important step most seduction guides overlook. A woman might be having fun but if she does not feel comfortable around you, she will eventually want to leave. This should be avoided at all cost, if she leaves, it is over. The guide offers valuable tips on how to make a woman feel more comfortable when around you

Step 4: How to attract her

According to the guide, making a woman feel attracted to you can be quite challenging. In this step, the Automatic Sexual Chemistry gives users an insight on what is going on in a woman’s mind during the seduction, how to interpret involuntary signs she might be giving out and better still, what moves to make

Step 5: How to use qualification and affinity techniques

In this step, you learn techniques of how to make the woman feel connected to you and how to ascertain if your seduction techniques have succeeded

Step 6: Sexual intensification (the next level)

In this step, the guide gives tips on how to intensify her sexual desire in a subtle way that she will not even notice. You will be given tips on how to steer the conversation to sexual topics and how to make all taboos that impede a woman to casual sex disappear with the power of the tongue and body language


  • One of the main advantages of this product is that it makes use of a combination of time-tested techniques and as such, is guaranteed to bring about positive results.
  • The program is also very comprehensive and features interactive media such as video: no reading of books for several days. The program also features 2 of the most renowned seduction artists in the world.
  • There are also plenty of bonuses: 10 to be exact, available with this program.

One of the major disadvantages of this program is the 6 hours + of video training. You will have to sit down for quite a while to get through this one.


The techniques highlighted in the Automatic Sexual Chemistry guide are well known in the world of seduction as being quite effective. However, most men are not aware of the power they can wield by simply following the tips and seduction pattern outlined in the guide. This is perhaps one of the best guides in the market that is guaranteed to produce results within the shortest period of time.


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