Baby Registry Freebies – Updated For 2021

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To lots of people, having a baby is the ultimate goal in life. Everything is exciting and new, so you try your best to give your little one a good start in life. However, many parents will be surprised by how expensive stuff for babies is. Why? Easy! Companies know that you will make a sacrifice for your baby – they need clothes, food and other accessories, so you will do whatever it takes to keep them happy.

This is when you realize how important it is to save money. Apart from cutting on unnecessary expenses, there are quite a few baby registry freebies you should definitely not miss.

Top Baby Registry Freebies 2019


Some websites come up with free welcome gifts to new users. Target is one of the most popular choices from this point of view. It gives you some free samples (be it a pacifier, a bottle or other accessories), as well as multiple coupons.

If there is something your baby does not use, Target accepts returns for up to a year after the due date. Apart from using Target’s service, you can also sign up with various smartphone applications that integrate Target for even more special offers.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us will surprise you for as long as you are a member, as it offers endless discounts and special offers. The store is specialized in baby supplies and has anything you can think of. New parents can take advantage of a new program known as endless earnings.

Other amazing offers from Babies R Us include free classes for new parents, one year returns and a guarantee for price matching. You can also get cash back offers and a decent completion discount. To make things easier, the store has its own mobile application for easy shopping.


Walmart makes a good choice for parents looking for baby registry freebies. You will get a nice welcome gift box with some freebies, as well as a tip checklist to ensure your baby has everything – no unexpected surprises. New parents also get free returns, as well as a price matching guarantee.

Walmart has its own application for a more facile experience. Many items ship for free within a couple of days. Besides, the store is quite convenient and has anything you might need, so it is handy for weekly supply shopping as well.

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids is not unique – there are actually quite a few stores like this one that provide amazing sweepstakes for registry hunters. Most parents will be enticed by the 20% completion discount (around 5% more than other similar stores), as well as the 10% discount of more-than-one purchases.

Every once in a while, Pottery Barn Kids opens up competitions for new registry customers. Make sure you check the due date and sign up on time. You can win up to a few thousand dollars by signing up only.


Amazon may not be the only website providing money saving coupons, but it is by far the most popular one. When you need to build your diaper supply, such stores are extremely handy. You will also get discounts and coupons for anything related, such as maternity apparel.

Free ebooks are not to be overlooked either if this is your first baby. However, there is one requirement – you have to be a Prime member to get the freebies as you sign up. Also, you have to make an initial purchase of $10 or more. Special offers vary all the time, so refresh every once in a while.


Kohl’s offers change quite often. Sometimes, you might get a 15% coupon as a new gift registry customer. Other times, you may get no freebies, but up to 20% off a massive $100 shopping spent on registry items.

The completion discount is not to be overlooked either – 15%, while the mobile application will most likely make your life easier.

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby gives new registry customers a free goody bag. You would have to pick it from a local store though. The bag comes with all kinds of samples, as well as multiple coupons for registry items.

New parents may also gain access to special offers for them only, price matching guarantee, access to a referral program and some free baby guides.

Crate & Berrel

Crate & Berrel provides free shipping, as well as 10% off purchases when you sign up for the registry. It is a welcome back for new customers. Both the free shipping and the discount will make a bulk purchase look insignificant.

If you plan to return to Land of Nod, you will also get 10% off multiple identical items and even a 10% competition discount.


Enfamil has one of the most generous baby registry freebie programs. Believe it or not, the freebies are worth around $200 or more. You get all kinds of samples, including baby formula, baby rash creams, bottles or diapers.

Even if you plan to use a different formula, you can still take advantage of all the other stuff. Plus, you get multiple coupons as well.

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity gives out hundreds of dollars in gifts, samples and coupons. Moreover, you get a free magazine subscription with all kinds of guides and information. All you need to do is start a gift registry.

According to some users, freebies may often exceed $400 in value, yet Motherhood Maternity keeps changing the content of its gift bags on a regular basis.

Other Baby Registry Freebies

Other popular companies providing baby registry freebies include:

  • Baby Earth
  • Baby Depot


As a short final conclusion, there are quite some interesting baby registry freebies out there – some of them more attractive than others. You can never have enough stuff for your little one. Besides, you will be surprised by how fast your little one will go through creams, wipes and diapers. From this point of view, more is better, so do not hesitate to sign up with multiple services.


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