20 Naughty Ways to Make Time for Sex in a Busy Schedule

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Due to busy lives, cutthroat competition, and work pressure, we often forget to enjoy the little pleasure and leisure in life. We get so much occupied with work that we sometimes take our relationships for granted and hardly spend any time with our partner that later becomes a reason for separation and divorce in some cases.

If your relationship has also become stale and deflated and if you don’t get real quality time together, then you should definitely reconnect with your partner to bring back the magic to your love and sex life again. Trust me; a good sex can fill your relationship with great passion and sparkle. So no matter how busy you are, always manage time for sex.

20 Naughty Ideas:

1. Stay connected – This is the first and foremost thing that plays a vital role to keep the spark and charm in your relationship alive. Make sure that you stay in touch with your partner through texts, calls, or voice mail even in your busy days. Send each other naughty text whenever you get time.

2. Flirt – It is the most fun and exciting way to show your interest in your partner. It is easy and would not take much of your time as well. So bring some wit and humor to your relationship to make it more enticing and interesting.

3. Have a naughty weekend – To form a healthy relationship, it is really important to take out some time from your busy schedule to enjoy each other’s intimate company again. A weekend away from the everyday mundane will help you spend some saucy time together, which will do wonders for your intimate life as well.

4. Send images – Almost all of us need a break from our monotonous work schedule to relax our mind. So to lighten up each other mood, be a little naughty and send each other some seductive images to make your partner go crazy for you. You’ll soon notice how easy it is to turn on to sex so quickly.

5. Share your fantasies – It is an undeniable fact that we all are a sexual being and it is quite obvious to have at least one major fantasy. So develop a comfortable level with your partner and share your wildest fantasy with each other. This will not only bring you closer, but it will also give you both a chance to know what you both have in mind when it comes to intimacy.

6. Expose a little – Dress up a little different than the regular days when you are around your partner. Wear something revealing, but not too vulgar, just make sure it is sexy enough to catch your partner’s attention. This will turn up the heat and you might end up having great sex. Thank us later.

7. Praise each other – Your sex life with your partner depends on how confident you both feel about yourself. To make each other feel good and confident, keep praising each other and complement each other whenever you can. Tell your partner how hot they are and how it feels when they come close to you.

8. Revive old memories – It always feels great when you think of the first date, first kiss and the moment you proposed your special one. So take out some time from your hectic schedule to sit together to revisit your past which will fill your relationship with romance and passionate lovemaking.

9. Utilize the free time – We often think that we don’t have much time to spend with our partner but that’s not completely true. If you look at your schedule, you’ll know that you actually have lots of free time that you can easily use to connect with your spouse. Now it’s totally up to you to decide how you want to utilize it. Quick sex, cuddling or kissing- the choice is totally yours.

10. Go out on an adventure – To bring back the passion in your relationship, do some fun things together and to indulge in some adventure is the best way to do it. So next time you go out, make sure you do some crazy things together to keep the romance alive.

11. Plan a dinner date – The best way to spend quality together is to make some scheduled time for each other at least once a week and stick to it. You can go out for a walk in autumn kicking the leaves, plan a picnic or simply go candle light dinner. Indulge in the light and positive conversation and avoid talking about things that can ruin your mood. Make each other feel special and enjoy the moment as a couple. The overall experience will be so intimate that you’ll soon want to go to some private place to make out with each other.

12. Keep the romance alive – Relationship changes as you grow up, you don’t feel the charm and spark that you felt in the beginning. You miss the fun and hardly put any efforts in your relationships that increase the difference between you both. So to save your relationship from all the trouble, keep the romance alive and make each other feel loved always.

13. Play games together – It might surprise you, but how you spend time with your partner plays a major role in your sex life. So stop worrying about the serious things in life to have some fun time together. There’s nothing better than sitting on a couch and playing your favorite games together. You can even indulge in some cuddling, hugging and amazing moments while playing.

14. Find time for each other – Time is precious and so is your relationship. So make sure that you always manage time to spend together, to know about each other well-being, to tell each other that you care. This will not only develop the bonding between you both but will also help you both to build trust in a relationship.

15. Experiment a little – A little change is always good for both you and your relationship. After all, there is no harm in it. Get a good haircut, focus on your fitness, style a bit differently, change the way you dress up or dress the way your partner likes it. This will make really hard for your partner to take off his eyes from you and you might share more good sexy moments in your free time. Anything can happen, just be ready.

16. Make your bedroom enticing – As your bedroom is that one place where you can spend some lovey-dovey and hot moments with your partner. It will be even more exciting if you add some glamor and sensuous touch to your bedroom. Replace your cotton curtain and linen bedding with pink satin. Lit some scented candles in your room and enjoy your time together.

17. Go on an exotic vacation – Going out on a vacation is the best way to rejuvenate your dull and boring sex life. So plan a beach vacation or a romantic getaway to give your relationship a fresh start. It will fill your relationship with love and enthusiasm. You’ll both surely have some great time together.

18. Set aside time for sex – It might sound rubbish to you, but for a stronger and healthier relationship, it is really important to put some time aside for sex and stick to it. Discuss and decide how often do you guys want to make out in a week and month. This will help you guys to have sex despite your busy schedules. Just talk about it and stick to your decision.

19. Make it fun – Be innovative and creative when it comes to bedtime. Tease your partner, add some spunk, start with foreplay, make it fun rather than jumping straight to the sex. If your tight schedule doesn’t allow you to have enough time for sex, then go little naughty and have a quickie. Practice it as long as you feel like doing it.

20. Follow your instinct – It is really important to follow your mind and trust your instinct. Don’t miss any opportunity of making out with your partner. Understand their body movement, actions, and touches. He or she may be trying to give you some indications. So understand the signs that could lead to a great sex with your partner.

Life is full of turns and twists and we have so many things to look after that includes both your personal and professional lives. From cleaning your house, to help your children with homework, office assignments, and a career, there are things in life that keep you busy. But don’t ignore your relationship as well as sex life as a good sex life can help you perform well in all aspects of life and can help you form lifelong relationships with your partner. So, leave all the work and make it happen.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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